Monday, October 12, 2015

Sunday Football!!

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest.  When I do that though, I just sit and think about all the things I still need to do, making list after list.  There are yellow pieces of sticky notes all over the house.  My lists are getting pretty long, from Vet to Plumber to Dentist appointments along with testing more recipes, washing the rig and changing out the AC filters!!

The games were exciting this weekend, but not enough to hold my attention long, so I put together a new brown sugar oatmeal cookie recipe.  Oatmeal is really healthy, right???  They came out delicious!!  Not a single burned cookie in the batch!  A few underdone, but NO burned ones!!
I can't say as much for the internet right now!  I've tried to add the next picture four times and the page is blank.  So I closed everything out and tried it again.  Voila!!!   You can't tell there is glass in the windows they are so clean!  I figured I might as well get some work done while I watched the football games.

A few months ago, I went to an open house at a place I used to own.  I discovered something VERY interesting.  They had taken all the screens off the windows and it looked amazing.  Since I had to remove them to wash off two years worth of dust and dirt, spiders and dead flies, I just put them in the garage.  I never open the windows anyway .... my weird thing is to open the back door and put a large fan in the doorway, turning it on high.  It pulls all that wonderful cool air into the house, lowering the temperature sometimes by 10 degrees in the morning.
My secret is Don's Mobile Glass Professional Cleaner.  Spray it on, wipe it off.  The stuff is magic!!  Course I don't do ALL the windows, that would take me a week, just the ones I look out the most ..... Ha!!  I have to say that clean windows inside and out give you a new perspective on the day and a great sense of accomplishment!!

This morning I'm off to the BIG Fresno Fair to meet up with bestie RV friends Barbara and Tom Westerfield.  Their daughter runs the flower exhibits, among a myriad of other things.  I'm hoping I can pick up a few tips and enjoy a day at the fair!!


  1. Patching the hole in your ceiling.
    You could always cut a thin peace of wood a little larger than the hole. Screw it into the ceiling across the hole. Cut a piece of sheet rock the size of the hole and screw it to the wood. Then all you need to do is tape and texture the patch.
    Or call a good handy man. There’s a company in me area that specialize in patching hole in sheet rock.
    Jim M,

    1. Aha!! I never would have thought of that trick, but what a good idea. If I don't find a blank to cover the hole, I'll give that a try. Sounds like something I might be able to do!! Thanks Jim!!

  2. The speaker holes that you have in the ceiling the easy fix to that is to go to Home Depot or Lowe's and ask if they have a blank it it pops right up in place you'll have to tell them the size of the hole ( The blanks are used to cover recessed lighting that people don't use )
    You could use plaster to cover it but Unless your ceilings perfectly flat you could cover it but if it's textured you would need somebody that knows what they're doing to duplicate the plaster thats there
    Your other alternative is find somebody that does home entertainment systems Best Buy would be a place to start Not knowing the city town where you live Yellow Pages might be a help
    If you have the wiring still there measure the hole and And use an oblong speaker. And used a round cover and you're good to go and I Will work
    And We guarantee you won't get a shock with the speaker wire
    More likely the wire will be clear
    if it has black-and-white wires don't touch it. That guarantee will be Null void
    Or you can wait to Mr. Nick gets there

    1. I actually haven't looked at Lowes for a blank. I thought since I couldn't find any on-line that maybe they didn't make them. Good to know I won't get electrocuted from the speaker wire! I'll still probably turn ALL the electricity off in the house however!! With my luck, I don't want to take any chances!!!