Saturday, October 3, 2015

Crooks and Done!!

Autumn may have come to your corner of the world, but it has not quite reached California.  Really, I just love the kitty picture!!  Nights have thankfully cooled off to a nice 65 degrees, so I sit outside on the patio with my coffee in the dark, enjoying the cool!
My neighbor called yesterday to warn us about her recent meeting with the Sheriff's Department.  Crooks are out and about, so be wary and write down license plate numbers of slow moving or unfamiliar cars.  I'm rather rude about it ... I run out with a notepad and a pen so they SEE me writing them down.  Sometimes I even grab my camera and take pictures.  They usually speed off when they see that!!

She mailed a check ... put it in her mailbox ... only to have it stolen and "washed", meaning they used a bleach-like substance to remove the ink from everywhere except her signature.  Then they wrote in $1200.00 and made it out to themselves, which the bank cashed.  Luckily she discovered it immediately, called the Sheriff and the bank returned the money to her account.  It's that time of year when this stuff starts happening, so be careful what you put in your mailbox.  It's much better to take mail to the post office!

In other news, I'm done ... I finished (finally) ... unpacking the rig.  At least I was done until I remembered I still have under the bed to clean out.  I was all set to get to work polishing the outside with 303 Aerospace, but the rain washed more oxidation from the roof, which means another wash.  UGH!!!  Maybe I'll wait until I get to Arizona!!

In the meantime, I'm looking for a plumber to replace these fixtures.  I don't know who did the original installation, but they did a terrible job.  I even discovered it was leaking when I got home.  Even though turned off, there was water in the tub.  Not sure if I want to tackle this one myself!!  Do I feel brave???
Rather crummy pictures, but since I don't have much else to talk about today, I wanted to show you this amazing creation.  I first saw it on Facebook, having been taken by a friend of mine.  It's an entire stagecoach with six horses, all made from horseshoes.  There are even more horses ahead out of sight.  As I headed south in Oregon ... I think south of Bandon, I drove right past it!  What a coincidence ... my friends are up here too!!  I didn't have time to stop where there was a pullout.  This is just an amazing piece of art.  It must have taken years to weld all these horseshoes together.  Anyone want to make just one horse for my back yard??
Lastly, just because there's not much to talk about today, I'm putting up another picture of my Shook.  I LOVE it ... and I'm so excited to fly it I can't stand myself!!  I think I see a trip to the coast in my near future!!
Today I have to gather up bird stuff ... Jonathan my parrot, who has been staying with friends for a couple of years, is coming back home ... YAY!!!  I've missed him and am excited to have his voice back in my house!!


  1. Are the arm motions you use to fly that rev the same ones used to wash the rig?

    1. Pretty darn close, Tom!!! Arms flailing in all directions on both counts!!

  2. Will Jonathan be going to Arizona with you? Jim

    1. Yes Jim, I'm pretty sure he's coming with me. I just have to figure out how to mount his cage so it won't fall off like last time!!