Saturday, October 24, 2015

My Truck Returns!!

Parked back in her warm little garage, my baby has returned home, glowing nicely and no longer thirsty from a malfunctioning fuel regulator.  This has been my all time favorite truck.  She pulls my big horse trailer loaded with three horses and hay, not to mention all the related saddles and gear, as well as a queen size bed, all my clothes and an array of cooking items.  Did I mention I also have a GREAT horse trailer?

If I go camping without the horses, the back seat folds down and makes a nice bed!  I love this truck like I'd love a husband, if I had one!!  Maybe I love my truck a little too much!!

The total bill came to $1398 which I tried to pay with my credit card for air miles.  I'm not sure how this new CHIP in your card is supposed to work ... does it make anything safer?  I think the vendors just don't have to push any buttons.  Anyway, it did NOT work and they refused to rerun it.  I spent 20 minutes trying to get a knowledgeable bank person on the phone, who finally explained that their new chip reader wasn't working.  That went over like a rope under my horses tail!!

The counter girl then had to enter everything manually and print out a paid slip.  Apparently everyone's chips are not alike!!  It's a good thing it worked, because you wouldn't really want to try and hold my BABY hostage!!!
When I got home, I proceeded to check the water levels on my motorhome batteries.  I was totally shocked when I opened the door and found a huge mess of battery acid everywhere.  They were just cleaned two months ago and I was given specific instructions about NOT overfilling them which they said was the problem.
I haven't added ANY water!  Look at this nasty mess!!  I put on my gloves and checked the water levels ... they are fine.  To have this cleaned up will cost another $90 ... and that will be the third time in twelve months.  I know those AGM batteries are expensive, but I think I'm going to bite the bullet.  I'll use the money I was going to spend on the lawn sprinklers!!

I know I could probably clean this up myself, but that involves taking all those cables off, followed by a good chance that I won't get them back on in the same order.  (Big sigh)
I figured to stay out of trouble for the rest of the day, so I locked myself in the sewing room and went to town on my latest quilt.  It was going along smoothly until I got to the widest border and was short 20 inches of fabric.  It's a good thing I can take things in stride ... okay MOSTLY I can ... because THIS is a biggie!  

I immediately grabbed a scrap with the information on the selvedge, got on-line and ... thank you Missouri Star Quilt Company ... ordered one yard.  Another catastrophe averted!!
I spent the rest of the day on the couch with the puppies.  I figured if I just sat there and didn't move, nothing else could happen to me.  It was a good idea, but just as I turned off the TV and headed to the bedroom, the neighbor's party began ..... AGAIN!!  This time it wasn't as bad ... not as many cars or screaming people.  After the last guy left, burning rubber half way down the block around 2:30 am, it quieted down enough for sleep.  I'm sorry, I just don't know what the heck is wrong with people nowadays!!! 

I'm going to go fix breakfast and go back to sleep ... if the puppies will let me.  Maybe if I just stay in bed, the day will go smoothly.  Night night!!


  1. The cost for the fuel regulator wasn't too bad. For just a sensor this summer cost us more than that plus labor. The manufacturers are making things cheaper so that it costs the consumer more in replacements and labor.
    Chip Credit Cards have been around for years in Canada and work great. Last winter when we were in Florida only certain Walmarts had the new machines to read them everyone else we needed to use the magnetic strip. Those strips have always been a pain and most times didn't work.
    There are multi-battery fill tubes that would stop overfilled batteries from leaking by draining them into the underfilled batteries. You could clean those batteries yourself with soapy water. Simply make a drawing of how everything is connected before you start removing the cables. On our present trailer we have AGM batteries and haven't had any issues with them and no noxious odors.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick and Kathy ... it's nice to know I didn't get overcharged for my truck! I've seen those battery fill tubes, I just think it would be SO much easier to get the AGM's ... one less thing to worry about!!

  2. When you use your chip and pin card unless instructed use it as a Credit or debit card swipe it A lot of places are not set up to take him then and Chip is only for your protection
    It's good to see you get your truck out cheap
    To clean the battery acid Pour A can of Coca-Cola on it wait about five minutes and do it again Then wash it off with a hose.
    Make sure you wash the concrete off as well
    Go to AutoZone and pick up a small spray can of battery terminal sealer
    You're getting The acid because the battery tray and coach frame are on the same negative post inside coach you can test that with a voltmeter from the negative side of any battery post to the battery frame how do you isolated easily put a 1/8 in plastic tray under the batteries the next time they come out
    but for now use the spray
    On your last post you got me excited you were making fudge squares until I read the last paragraph saw the photograph of the quilt,,, bummer no fudge
    Joy your day

    1. A can of Coke!! Who knew?? And I put Auto Zone on my shopping list!! Thank you!!

  3. So happy you have your baby home.

    1. Me too Jan .... So far he's settling in nicely!!

  4. I am sure you are glad to have her back home. We left our truck with family when we went on a trip for over a year. Because of timing we had to wait about a month after we got back to go and get the truck. I did not realize that a person could miss a car so much.

    Elna Avery @ Hansen & Adkins Auto Transport