Sunday, October 4, 2015


If you lived in MY house, the sight of my new smaller crock pot would bring fear to your heart.  OH NO!!  Another gadget she'll use to try and produce something edible.  The first one was too small ... the second one was WAY too big .... so maybe this medium sized one will be JUST RIGHT!!

For some reason, I tend to think it's not me OR the crockpot ... it's the recipes I chose to COOK in the crockpot.  Ok, I admit ... yesterday, it was me ... ALL ME!!  I took one of those packets of rice and herbs that I purchased at the Farmers Market in Oregon and matched it up with a recipe from a book ... kinda sorta.  The packet called for three cups of water, but that seemed excessive, so I used TWO cups, a can of soup and added some chicken I browned.  Sounds good, right???  Chicken and rice!

Well for heavens sake ... I read the recipe wrong.  It said to cook for four hours on low ... I set it up for four hours on high.  Luckily I was around to check it occasionally and give it a good stir as the rice mixture became glue on the bottom of the pot.  It smelled wonderful until it got a little TOO brown on the bottom.   I added a little more water and kept stirring.  In two hours, I knew it wasn't going to go the distance of FOUR ... so I turned it off.  Dinner was served!!

It actually tasted wonderful ... the chicken was nice, kind of tender ... the rice was good, except for all those hard little bits that didn't get cooked!!  Well I'm NOT wasting this, at least it isn't burned black, and I chowed down.  Too bad I now have enough to feed a family of four for two days!!  Fear the pot my friends .... FEAR THE POT!!!  One of these days ONE of these recipes HAS to work!!
While dinner was cooking, I got out Jonathan's travel cage and set it up, washing everything from top to bottom.  I have another larger cage for him to live in, but for whatever reason, it was minus the perch.  Off to Home Depot I went to get a dowel.  Different birds use different size perches.  Too small and they can't hang on ... too big and you have the same problem.  It's hard to find one "just right".

After looking over the entire store, I finally found some long pieces back with the molding.  Since I had to cut my own, I figured I would have enough to fix any mistakes I might make.  Sure enough, right off the bat, I cut it too short.  I'm sure I measured right, but forgot to account for the slots on each end.  

I do have a saw, so cutting it into pieces wasn't a problem ... I can do that pretty well.  It was those slots that dogged me for an hour.  It was hard to get the saw started, hard to keep it straight and make the slots on each end go the exact same direction.  The first piece bombed out ... it just fell on the floor of the cage.  My second try wasn't exactly pretty, but fits perfectly!!  Why is this so much easier than cooking??
With a couple bags of seed, some muffin mix and sweet potatoes, I'm ready for my new tenant.  He's been gone entirely TOO long.  The muffin mix?  Lucky for Jon, those are so simple even I can make the muffins he needs to keep him healthy.  Birds need lots of orange vegetables for vitamins ... which they usually refuse to eat, so mixing sweet potatoes in a corn muffin mix, along with peanuts and sunflower seeds, fits the bill.  He loves it!!
My list of things to get done is mounting ... my truck engine light came on, I discovered some outside window sills that need painting, it's time to change my AC filters and declutter the house.  I think I finally learned the lesson of less is better.  All those neat things I purchased on this last trip need a place to live ... but it's already crowded here, even if there is only one human in the house.  Time to make a pile of donations!!

Now where are all those crockpot recipes ... there must be a good one somewhere!!!


  1. Have you ever tried using the Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners? My sister used one a few weeks ago (before we went to Salt Lake City) and the clean up of the slow cooker was a quick wipe up with a paper towel. We have some coming in this week (Amazon) and are excited about them because cleaning a slow cooker in a motorhome is not easy.

    1. I saw those for the first time yesterday on the store shelf, Dave. I was a little leery about so much heat for so long a time, but it sounds like a good idea, especially in the motorhome!!! Thanks!!

  2. Hi Nancy,
    Found your blog about a month ago & really enjoy it. Here is a really easy crockpot recipe. 2 cans of cream of mushroom soup (or chicken--or you can use 1 can of each), onion (either grated or chopped up), salt, pepper, and chopped up raw chicken (small bites) and about a soup can of milk. Mix all together in crock pot & cook on LOW for about 6-8 hrs. Serve over mashed spuds, rice, or noodles.

    Liz-Boise, ID

    1. Hi Liz!! Welcome to my adventures!!! That sounds like a GREAT recipe and I think I have all the ingredients. I'll give it a try!! Thank you so much!! I'm always looking for fool proof recipes since I'm not that great a cook!!

  3. I use the liners; they work great! My favorite recipe is to dump a 3-4 pound beef roast in to the crockpot, sprinkle a package of dried onion soup mix over it, and spread a can of cream of mushroom soup over that. Cook on low several hours until it reaches the desired temperature. Remove the beef and stir together the remaining beef juices and soups to have instant gravy. I portion this out and freeze a bunch of containers for quick meals later. Yummy!

    1. That DOES sound good Linda ... I'll put it on my must-try list. I bought some crockpot liners yesterday and can't wait to try them out!!