Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Passing It On Again

 Good Morning California!!!  It's a fabulous 57 degrees on this lovely morning, which means a high of around 78 this afternoon.  I think Spring has finally arrived!!  I am happily opening the morning door and turning on the fans to bring in the lovely smell of moldy grass.  Hey ... it's better than moldy manure.

The sunrise was a nice one.  It's just so weird to me to take pictures looking this direction.  It seems to be 90 degrees to the left of normal.  Is that right for this time of year??

In the meantime, you know what this picture is ... the Magic Castle of Elkdom.  I'm beginning to wish I was a little younger.  Maybe I would have a little more stamina!  The first meeting began at 11:00 in the morning.  If it weren't for having to gain some sanity from Cooper every few hours, I would just set up my sleeping bag in the attic.

The meeting ... way too early in the morning for me ... resulted in no results.  I came back home hoping for a little nap, but could do nothing but think about how to resolve the problem.  Nothing ... I got nothing!!!

Well hello Magic Castle ... I was back at 2:00 to sign a pile of checks.  I also ran into the last two Trustees who resigned, and I thanked them for telling me all about my duties.  Truly, they told me NOTHING!!  I can only laugh.  I discovered quite by accident that I have to do a safety inspection from one property line to the other, and from basement to attic.  EVERY MONTH.  The list is long.

I have been told many things in my long life, and one is DELEGATE.  In other words, pass off everything you can so you don't have to do it all.  I'm taking advantage of that one.  I'm gathering up the other three guys and passing on my newly acquired knowledge.  This may not be what they were talking about when they said PASS IT ON.

It was finally time for my all time favorite game (okay, not my FAVORITE) ...... BINGO!  The crowds came in, the money flowed and the bingo cards were lost, along with THREE red tickets.

I fooled everyone this time.  I smiled like the Cheshire Cat!  I am very engrossed and concentrating on every dollar that goes in and out, so I rarely look up.  One of the problem children was at the register.  All done, all sold ... she just stood there.  I went straight on to the next customer.  I handed her the correct amount of change and went on to the NEXT one.  

I looked up just as the second one said ... where's my change.  Ummmm I handed it to you?  Nope ... the first gal had grabbed the change AND the red ticket ... WHEN SHE ALREADY HAD HERS.  You can't tell me she didn't know what she was doing.

Everything came to a screeching halt while I chased her down and made her give it all back.  My fault ... but she COULD have said that wasn't hers.  Alls well that ends well.  Or at least that's what I thought.  The King brought up not one, but TWO MORE red tickets he found on the floor.  Oh yeah ... I was just waiting ....... like a cat ready to pounce on the mouse who said I didn't give him a red ticket.

Well guess who it was .... the lady who took the change that wasn't hers.  KARMA!!!  We all had a big laugh, she got her ticket and normalcy returned for the rest of the night.  Well most of it anyway.

There is always someone who calls Bingo when they don't have one, or they call it so quietly that the caller can't hear them.  If he calls the next number, you lose.  It happened twice.  The torches were lit and the pitchforks came out.

Did I mention my Fairy Godmother is back?  Oh YEAH!!  Come to find out, SHE ended up winning that game, and TWO MORE to the tune of $1,600 in total.  No kidding ... that girl is a lucky charm.  I told her the next time she goes gambling locally, to take me with her.  Maybe she can change my luck!!

And so ended another lovely night in the dungeon, though on THIS night there was no blood.  Lots of scratches, but no blood.  

Now for a long days rest!!!


  1. Bingo sounds like an interesting night. It amazes me how people can act.
    Hopefully you can get some rest today.
    Supposed to be 83 here.

  2. Never played bingo, just so you know
    You need some rest, you sound busy

    1. I've been very busy Jo-Anne ... I just can't seem to sit for long.

  3. Day after BINGO = REST!! Love the sunrise pic!
    89 on my patio today - the shade is nice though! :))

    1. 89!!!!! Yikes!!! I guess summer slipped in the back door.

  4. Like Payson48 says. Day after =rest (plus chocolate)
    Send some heat my way please

    1. I can do chocolate! LOL and I will definitely do a sunshine dance for you!!!

  5. You really are a busy gal. I first thought you donated
    time to the Elks but I’m guessing this is a job ??
    You get paid..... that sounds better. Lol
    Did the gardeners ever come back to settle up
    for killing your lawn?
    Linda a.

    1. No, sadly not paid. It's all donation on my part. Me thinks that's why they never tell you all the stuff that will come so you don't abandon ship! No settlement yet on the lawn.