Saturday, April 13, 2024

Once Again ... Death and Taxes

 Well my friends ..... it's that time of year again.  Whoever started the idea of paying taxes should be shot!!  It's so out of hand, it's ridiculous. You work all your life to make money so you can have property, and then when you want to sell it, they take all the profits.  I surely can see why folks nowadays don't want to work hard or accumulate anything.

Set up an IRA they said ... you won't pay taxes until you take it out when you are OLD and your tax rate will be SO MUCH LOWER.  They lied.  I've never paid such a high tax rate in my entire life as I do now.  

And so I spent the morning writing out checks, gritting my teeth and spitting fire.  I probably wouldn't blink an eye if I thought it was going to be spent in a judicious manner by conservatives.  I won't tell you how much, but it would make a down payment on a new house!!  Okay ... rant over.

Let's go outside and burn off some of that negativity.  Mr. Cooper and I hit the back roads.  Sadly, we didn't get far before he was covered in stickers.  If there is even one tiny little piece of dry grass sticking his skin, he comes to a complete halt.

Sometimes he won't even WALK until I find and remove the culprit.  I try hard to keep him in the road, but of course all the good smells are in the grass.  How could I turn down this face??

Back home, after brushing from top to bottom, he gets a treat.  He's not spoiled ... not spoiled at all!!

After once again reorganizing all the paperwork that got thrown on the counter the night before, it was actually lunch time.  Here's another chicken sandwich, which actually hit the spot.  No I haven't made those carrot fries yet, though I did think about it while I recuperated on the couch watching the San Antonio Rodeo.  

Dessert this time was kind of a let down after that pineapple upside down cake.  It was thick, way too sweet (even for me) and was rather like eating glue.  I'll pass on this one next time.

Finally feeling a little energetic, I switched out two more sprinklers and repaired EIGHT drip lines cut by the weed whacker.  You prune the bushes with a weed whacker????  Honestly, I try to miss the gardeners every time they show up.  I just might do something I shouldn't.  Not that they would know, because they don't speak English hardly at all.

Two broken sprinklers have been replaced, and I have two more to go.  Just in time for the inch of rain we are going to get today!!  My neighbor stopped by with a great idea.  They place big heavy rocks on the back side of the sprinklers that stick up above the ground level.  Aha I said ... they can't mow over big rocks.  I'll be heading to the mountains soon to pick some up.  Better yet, maybe a nice tall piece of steel pounded into the ground.

Every time it rains, I pray my RV roof doesn't leak.  That seems to be a recurring theme in my RV groups.  On the other hand, they told me where to buy these little fridge drain plugs.  I took mine out to be sure it was not plugged up, and it crumbled in my fingers.  This keeps the flying critters from making nests up inside the line, so it's a rather important piece of plastic.  Luckily, there are TWO just in case I have to replace it again.    

That was it ... a perfect sunny warm (but not too warm) day to recoup, just in time for ... wait for it .............. yet ANOTHER fundraiser which will happen tonight.  This used to be a nice small party run by a local church.  Now it's grown into a HUGE deal to be held at the fairgrounds.  Once again, dinner is compliments of Bingo and our RV park.  

These folks do it a little differently.  If you need help you can get it, but along with it comes lessons in how to handle money ... how to budget ... how to repair things ... it's not just a free ride.  They also provide free counseling along with big furniture items.  It's for a good cause and is one of our Bingo regular donations.  Hopefully I don't fall asleep half way through!!!


  1. Ouch is the word on taxes. Makes my blood pressure go up!
    Raining like crazy here.

  2. Not knowing the particulars, so I could be WAY off base, but you did KNOWINGLY sell out in AZ and move lock, stock and barrel back to one of the worst run and highest taxing states in the country, which is well on its way to becoming a "third world s**thole. One example, the insurance debacle has gotten so bad that some of the state's fire stations cannot even get fire insurance. Not all, but some.
    Again, not knowing all the particulars, I just cannot believe you knowingly came back here.

    1. It's those darn particulars. My tax accountant ran the numbers both in Arizona and in California. There was $400 difference, so Arizona has the same high tax rate. I didn't move back ... I lived in both states for 7 years. I just sold the "vacation" house that was soon to cost me a bunch of cash. True, insurance is high because of all the fires causing big payouts. California actually limits the amount they can charge, so insurance companies pulled out of this state because they wouldn't be able to make an even bigger killing. Now California has to have their OWN insurance company, which is just as expensive, if not more. I agree, it's ridiculous ... all of it.

  3. Just think how much Federal you will pay "IF" the Trump Tax Cut expires. Trump promises to renew the cut, hopefully 'permanently' (if that word exists as it goes to know, they can 'permanently' give themselves a congressional pay raise each year, but can't/won't give us a tax cut that is permanent!). Anyway, not one Dem has said a thing about renewing this tax cut, which would cost Marcia and I about 2K more each year!

    1. I don't even want to figure that out, but I'm sure it's coming if Trump is not elected. People think it's bad now ..... just wait. There's going to be two classes ... one the rich politicians and one the poor people just trying to eat.

  4. We still have a few months before tax time rolls around.
    With the 12th being the third anniversary of my mum's passing the effects of death hit me again.

    1. Oh Jo-Anne ... I'm so sorry. Losing a loved one never seems to go away.

  5. Mr. Ed said Well, I’m here too, to raise my cup of coffee and start your morning off, right ☑️…. Well, you can tackle the first portion, the tax rate in Vietnam as long as you don’t work is zero the tax rate in Thailand is anywhere from 5% to 15% far better And by staying in Arizona, you would come out better than the California In the tank tax authority.
    As for the drip irrigation 🌹💦and sprinkling system, imagine how much money you would save if you just use the garden hose… Oh, 👀 and you must be Harboring some illegal immigrants / wash a shore if they can’t speak proper English You need to do your part and send them back. And God forbid they’re They’re probably plunder and pillage and not paying taxes. Oh my God wait a minute I almost forgot. Sorry. California IS considered to be a sanctuary state. the governor of California (Oh my God, a democrat mr. Jerry Brown ) signed a bill making the state a sanctuary state. So Onward to plunder and pillage English language not necessary.
    As for the Grand design roof leak ing 👎refrigerator drain plug 👎(you know that plastic is made out of soy beans 👎)👍be a least of your worries. 👉💰I think it could / Might be frame Flex that’s the new fad now. And Oh, did I Mention the resale value price of 2019/ 2024 RVs are going in the tank? What the heck I think I need a drink🥃 or 🍺

    1. Well Mr. Ed ... I'm sorry to tell you, but I would have paid almost the exact same amount of taxes in Arizona. Yes I had my tax accountant figure it out in both states. People think it's so much cheaper in Arizona, but it's not. Sorry, but you lost me after the drip irrigation. Thankfully my RV roof is not leaking and I have no flex issues, but I've heard of all those problems.