Wednesday, June 29, 2022


 Oh what a beautiful morn-ing ..... oh what a beautiful day!!!  Someone sang that last night and I can't get it out of my head.  I sat on the cool patio and listened to the birds singing and the peacocks screamed HELP ... HELP!!!  Sometimes it makes you stop and listen, just to be sure it isn't a person screaming.

The morning was lovely as I enjoyed the cool air conditioning until 7:30.  Today I'll check out my usage chart and see what's been happening to my wallet.  I know it has more than doubled, but I have to admit I feel better after talking to my neighbor.  

She said their average bill was $650 a month until they got solar.  Same size house, built at the same time with the same materials and no swimming pool.  Can you imagine what their bill would be if they had a pool just like everyone else on this street?  YIKES!!!  No wonder PG&E sends me a note every month saying I'm doing better than the average house in my area.  She said her bill has doubled since purchasing their house.  Yup ... me too!

I did a little more sewing and watched some bull riding from Cortez Colorado before beginning the going-out-of-the-house routine.  

I should have just stayed on the couch.  See this little face?  Poor sweet baby!  I discovered quite by accident that he got sick again ... on the bedroom carpet ... when I stepped in it (with my new pair of socks) on my way to the kitchen.  I have no words!!!  Nothing can describe THAT lovely experience.  

The look on his face says it all.  I think it's the treats, although they are made in the USA with few ingredients.  Maybe it's just his age and like me, his stomach is rebelling.  Trouble is there are three bags and I don't know which one is the culprit.  Out they all go .. I'll be cooking for him again today.  Twenty minutes later he was just fine, playing the ball game.  

The second worse thing is forgetting about where it was and stepping in the same spot .... barefoot.  

Having finally cleaned up the lovely mess, I was off to the Magic Castle for some BINGO!!  Just for kicks, I met up with the bookkeeper and we went over the PG&E bill for the lodge.  You cannot believe the wad of paperwork to go through.  There were probably 30 abbreviations with lots of dollars attached, with no description of what it actually was.  Just $$$$$$.  She had called PG&E and even THEY could not explain to her what it all was.  That's pretty crazy!

At the appointed time, I headed down to set up my little corner, only to meet the latest problem head on.  Many people have become members, which allows them in the door any time they want.  They have been coming in two hours early and putting stuff on the tables, saving not one, but sometimes THREE tables of seats for their friends who are NOT members.  

What we discovered was the peasants weren't really saving those seats for another PERSON, they just didn't want anyone sitting around them, messing up their JUJU.  I understand, but we have a limited number of tables ... we need that space.  

And so the new rule ..... NO SAVING SEATS!  Three of us went in early to check, only to find two tables saved.  The fight was on!!!  That of course brought on the next problem to address.  Once you admonish a bingo player, they come up with five complaints about someone else.  It's peasant nature!!  

That's when we discovered some members were signing in their friends as guests, which as a Lodge member, you can do ... for everything except Bingo!  If you are not a member you cannot come in early.  A simple rule, but rules are made to be broken.  There was lots of grumbling and the pitchforks came out as three people left the room to wait behind the barrier.  Membership applications were passed out.  

I tell you, these people will do anything to get their "special, extraordinary" chair.  Truly, it's never the same table, nor the same chair because they are all taken down and stored for the next week.  I guess it's location, location, location!!!

The infernal machine gave me a bit of trouble, not wanting to balance that last three dollars which was all dimes, nickels and pennies covered with sticky brown stuff from piggy banks.  Next week (payday) I will get nothing but one hundred dollar bills and we will be slammed with players.  That's how we roll at Tuesday night Bingo!!!


  1. Mr. Ed said the simple solution…. close and lock the door to the bingo room with a sign that says no members or admission until a certain time
    And if you really want to see and watch the fun ask them to become the keep out monitor

    1. And if you can’t lock the door I’m sure you have tables you can put in front of them An before you open clean off all the inner tables. To the lost and found Department

    2. I think that's a great idea, but they feel bad for the old folks with walkers and wheelchairs that have to sit in the heat, and so they let them inside. Of course they really don't have to come two hours early ...

  2. Quote: "people will do anything to get their "special, extraordinary" chair". "ANYTHING" except for coughing up the few $$$ to become a member! lol

    We changed dog food for Indy now that she is no longer a puppy...some good stuff that is chicken, pumpkin, etc., with no grain at all. Well...she loves it so much that she overate and left us a couple of presents on the floor by the bed. THANK GOODNESS I saw them before Marcia got up in the middle of the night and stepped in it all...which she would have due to the narrow space there. We have never had to take up her food, she never overate. Now, a new plan will need to be made.