Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Lizards Can't Jump, Right?

 It's another glorious day in the desert, and thankfully the weather has cooled off to a lovely 71 degrees this morning.  Hopefully Mother Nature sticks to the weather-guessers plans of under 100 (if only barely) for the rest of this week.

It was finally time to tackle my latest project, a shelf on which to store all the junk in the laundry room.  So far it's lived on the floor, but after finding that scorpion here, I decided it was time to get organized.  Not that it will help really, because scorpions can climb right up the walls and drop in for a visit anywhere.

This is one of those projects with no directions.  Oh there's a piece of paper that shows the pieces, but no actual attach-A-to-B.  It took me awhile and a few cuss words to figure it out.

I think this is the spot for the spare refrigerator/freezer, but my new shelf turned it into my storeroom for hoarded paper towels and dog food.  Lucky for me, it fit perfectly ... I mean with fractions of inches to spare.  It leaves lots of room for the rod I hang most of my clothes on.  No use using a dryer when I don't have to.  My next project ... sew a curtain to cover it all up.

 Since I had to move the vacuum cleaners out, I surprised myself by actually turning them on and vacuuming the family room.  Score one for me!

Here's my latest fun video.  Mom raccoon cooling off in the water trough.  Sadly, I didn't see ANY babies.  I don't know if they are off on their own or something happened to them.  I will say Mom is very well fed!  What a beauty!!

My lizard buddy (or buddies as the case may be) has been visiting me every day, spending his leisure hours on the screen door.  He's a smart little cookie!  He stays at the very top of the screen out of the sight of roadrunners and birds who might think he was a tasty snack.

Yesterday however, he scared the heck out of me!!!  There I was, just walking through the kitchen when out of the corner of my eye I saw something jump right at me.  YIKES!!!  I jumped back three feet and headed for the broom!

What I saw was this little guy jumping up from the top step to the screen, a distance of at least six inches.  That's a lot for a tiny two inch body!!  He climbed right up to the very top as I caught my breath again.  It's weird .. these guys have the tiniest eyes I've ever seen.   

He spent the night gorging on flying things and is still there as I type.  How sad that lizards seem to be the highlight of my life right now! 

The sewing clatch got together yesterday to chew the fat.  No sewing since we haven't seen each other in way too long a time.  It's so very nice to actually be around and talk to people that can talk back.   Yes Jonathan and I have long conversations about the kitty kitty and disco, but it's just not the same.

I did get some exercise in patience and speaking in a sugary sweet tone of voice while trying to straighten out my Dish Network mess.  I hate it when you get new people who know less than you do about their processes.  

Three people and an hour later, they MIGHT, just possibly MAYBE have it straightened out.  They keep charging me for the MLB baseball package in spite of my canceling it three times now.  They charge me automatically, but couldn't seem to get past the part where "I" paid them the incorrect amount.  It was a challenge, to say the least.  Now I have to wait another month to see if they got it right.

It's time for another foray into adventure land.  I've found a couple more ghost towns to visit ... maybe ...  if I can get my act together today, or maybe I'll stay home and finish up that quilt I've been working on.  Such an exciting life!!!





  1. Love the shelf and yes it does fit perfectly! I dealt with Best Buy and their Geek squad last week and oh so frustrating! Time to cancel and hope the laptops keep working. Uhh hate that stuff. I know I wouldn't like the little lizard on my door! ahhhhh...Love the video of momma raccoon!

    1. I have to admit, I've never heard a good word about the Geek Squad. Luckily I have an Apple MacBook. They are pretty good about fixing things.

  2. That Shelf is a perfect fit and with such a dry environment you can simply hang your clothes to dry.
    Mama is either well fed or ready to have another litter.
    Always a pain dealing with people not well trained at their jobs.
    It must have felt nice to do some visiting.
    Be Safe and Enjoy exploring more Ghost Towns.

    It's about time.

    1. Oh I didn't think of Momma having another litter. Maybe that's why the babies are gone. It was wonderful to be around PEOPLE!!!

  3. Ya, I have put together a number of those type of shelves in both library work and restaurant work. PIA, but once together, very hardy.

    1. And I bet you were really GOOD at putting them together. So handy I think I'm getting another one for my walk-in closet.

  4. Good to hear you got some time in with your sewing friends. I've found myself not relying on spur of the moment, casual get-togethers, and more on scheduling a few times a week to actually spend time with the people I enjoy being around. It seems odd when compared to pre-virus times, but it works and keeps me sane. And scheduling makes it possible to arrange conditions to suit whoever...if they're being careful because of their own situation, or someone they live with or care about, we can still figure out a way to do it. I had always thought of myself as sort of a hermit by nature, but have learned I'm not. You seem to keep busy and active, and that's good. I've enjoyed your posts.

    1. I'm the same Judith. Always thought I was a loner, but I guess I'm not. I try to keep busy to keep from going crazy! LOL It's not fun being alone all the time.