Thursday, September 24, 2020

Famous Alligators

 Not an alligator!!  Along with all those 300 plus gators and big snakes, there were some other critters like this beautiful rose breasted cockatoo.  Isn't she a beauty?  Be careful when you walk underneath her.

 The largest recorded alligator was caught off the Louisiana coast in 1890.  It weighed almost 2,000 pounds.  Elvis is a runner-up to that title.  He's absolutely huge and not friendly, meaning he gets his very own area to sun in. 

 This guy didn't want me near at all.  He began hissing very loudly and moved away.  What amazing creatures.  If you want to learn how to wrestle them, they give lessons here.  Wouldn't THAT be fun!  Oh, and just for your information in case a python or boa constrictor gets your hand in it's mouth, just stuff your fist as far down it's throat as you can, making it gag and spit you out.  I don't think I want to try it.

Everyone in this huge pond was out warming themselves on the banks.  Alligators stay in the water at night, coming out on to the banks to sun themselves in the morning.

 They are stacked like cord wood in every enclosure.  It's like sealions ... all on top of each other.  If one moves, they all move.

 Not an alligator, this is a caiman with large teeth and close set eyes.  Many of these critters came from smuggling operations confiscated at airports.

They have two huge albino alligators that stayed in the water and were hard to see.  This guy had pink eyes and was probably ten feet long.  

 These two Nile Crocodiles are the biggest on the property.  Also rescues, they get to live their life out here with all the food they can eat.

Freeway, named because she escaped and was found walking down the side of the freeway, is famous for the Lubriderm commercials with the alligator walking around the model. 

Morris is the movie star here.  He worked in Happy Gilmore, Doctor Doolittle, Interview with a Vampire and several other films.  He once destroyed an entire set on the show Coach and was finally donated when at 450 pounds he became too big to handle.


 Besides the snakes and gators, they have dozens of rescued turtles and tortoises.  If you're looking to be an alligator wrangler or just want to see some up close and personal, this is the place to visit.

The next stop on our tour is a steam train ride ..... a very long train ride in a Colorado storm.





  1. Sounds like the north side of the Everglades. Definitely not the Burbs you want to live in.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your train ride.

    It's about time.

    1. It was interesting, to say the least. So many critters.

  2. What a fun post. I'll keep my distance, thank you. With the hand in the python? You first. haha
    Interesting about the famous gators!

  3. Come to Central Florida we will give you all the alligators you want including your own bag of marshmallows And a slingshot. 🐊🐊🐊

    1. Now THAT would be FUN!!! I bet you have hundreds of them ... and NOT in cages!!

  4. Very interesting information but I will still pass on visiting here.

  5. Let's see...a Boa will swallow its prey...and they want you to stuff your fist down there so it gets a good start??? LOL

    1. Buhahaha ... yes Dave, I think that's about right!! Yeah, me either.