Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Another Nice Surprise

What with all the goings on, it's nice to get a surprise now and then, but to get two in one day?  Now THAT'S a surprise.  I spent the first three hours on the couch nursing my knee.  I know ... how could I possibly now have a KNEE problem?

Getting old sucks.  There's no two ways about it.  I've built a step for Cooper to get on the couch, since his jump never developed at all.  Do you know a poodle that can't jump?  After writing the blog, I headed to the couch and missed the step altogether, whacking my knee on the corner of the coffee table.  Oh my Heavens that hurt!!  The good news is my back is much better today.

This virus is really bad news when it comes to my exercise regime, which mostly includes getting in and out of the truck while shopping.  I COULD ride my bike, but it seems I've left the correct-fitting air pump in Arizona.  Not being "essential", the bicycle store is closed.  I would order it online, but I have no idea which one to get.

Instead, I read one of my old photography books that lists any number of equipment pieces to make your life easier.  How could I turn down THAT?  This long thing in the middle is the top part of my tripod.  The joy stick handle is not very adjustable and it doesn't hold up my heavy camera.

How do I fix it?  I order another different type of mounting, called a ball head.  What you see are the tools of the professional photographer.  Yeah, not really true.  They are what I found in the drawer so I could extricate the joy stick.  It took awhile since I had no idea how the darn thing fit together in the first place.

I was so excited when I actually got it off without damaging anything beyond repair.  My new fancy dancy connection really is used by the pros.  I'm sure it will make me a better photographer.  Okay, probably not, but at least the camera body will remain still ... I hope.
My next big surprise came in the mail.  As you know, I'm a BIG baseball fan.  I was a season ticket holder for about ten years and went to almost every home game in San Francisco.  I spent many a night in the Hyatt Regency so I could not only see the games, but had mountain streets to train for marathons.  

One of the San Francisco Giants pitchers was Barry Zito, famous and infamous who came from the Oakland team across the bay.  He was both loved and hated, the first to receive a crazy multi-MULTI-million dollar contract.  Little did anyone know, he really did not have the killer instinct you need for professional baseball.
His true love was country music.  Who knew?  When at last he retired and figured things out, he got married, had three kids (one just recently) and moved to Nashville where he could work on his music career.  Since then he's worked with Taylor Swift and many others making albums.  I'm one of his number one fans.  

Wasn't I surprised when I received a letter from Barry Zito.  What?  I opened it up to find a Barry Zito birthday card signed by him.  It will go nicely with my Barry Zito signed baseballs and my Zito Jersey.  How cool is that?
My next surprise of the day came when I made this beef dish that didn't taste terrible.  I have to admit this one is not for everyone.  This is more like a dish from the Middle East, probably because that's where the recipe came from.  My dad would flatly refuse to eat this.  It has cinnamon, allspice, ginger and other weird things that he would say are not fit to be put on BEEF.

If you are interested in the recipe, you can find it at PressureLuck Cooking on Facebook.  What's that white stuff?  You might think it's rice, but it's my other latest find.  
When corn was in short supply in the grocery store, I found this .... riced cauliflower.  Not my favorite, but wait ..... this has lime zest in it.  No, lime zest does NOT go with Middle East spices, but it's all I had.  Not bad really, but it would be much better with those Mexican dishes you prepare.
It comes in several different varieties, one including mushrooms and one with sweet potatoes.  It even has a resealable bag for us single users.  

In spite of my back being a pain, it was a very nice day.  I ended it watching something akin to the Dog Whisperer, but they call their place Zen.  He takes the worst of the worst dogs and rehabilitates them and their dog parents.  I'm sure I can learn something to use with Cooper and Jessie.  At least something good can come out of sitting home all day long.


  1. Wow! The birthday card, how awesome is that!! I don't know who he is but still he's a fan of yours :) Dinner looks awful yummy! Not sure about the riced cauliflower though, just can't like the veggie.

    1. I'm not a cauliflower fan either. The good news is when it's riced, you really can't taste anything. Good with gravy!!

  2. The bad thing about adding things or rearranging furniture are the injuries we get from them.
    That must mean that there is a Birthday coming up. Wishing you a Safe and Happy One.
    Being Isolated helps develop the cooking skills.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Oh yes. I remember Barry Zito quite well both from the A's and the Giants. But I didn't follow him after baseball. It's interesting to see the direction he took after baseball. Thanks for the info.

  4. Moral of the story is remove the coffee table you just move the pain from your back to your knee cool now go hit your thumb with a hammer that'll take care of the knee
    For a bicycle pump Walmart
    For corn or flour supply try Mexican grocery store Mexicans never run out

    1. Hahaha luckily I'm not doing any hammer work!! I never thought of hitting up the Mexican grocery store. I'll do that.

  5. I actually like and use fresh for the rice. I always see the frozen but for some reason ignored it.I think I will have to check it out it would be a nice way to have it on hand and not spoil.
    Have no idea who Barry Zito but excited for you to have received the card...:)

    1. Barry Zito made $18 million a year while pitching with the Giants from May till October. Not a bad salary! The interesting thing is what a nice guy he was and still is. Very humble.

  6. Hope the knee and back are on the mend. sounds like a birthday coming up, so Happy Birthday, have a great day!!

    1. Thank you Bill. Both knee and back are doing well.