Friday, July 27, 2018

The Ever Changing Arizona Sky

But first ....... I got a new wheelbarrow!!!  I'm SO excited!  I also got a square nose shovel yesterday.  I braved the heat, only because truthfully I was headed to the fabric shop, and picked one up at Home Depot.  I passed on the bricks however.  It's just too hot to even try, although rain is again expected this afternoon, cooling us off a tad.
Here's a sight you will never see around my place in California.  These little micro bursts are just amazing to watch.  Perfectly blue sky with a black cloud in the middle dumping gallons of water on the desert below.  Probably not so fun to drive through, but pretty to watch.
Then you see THIS!  Really, I didn't enhance the colors at all.  The sun shining on these amazing cotton candy clouds makes the sky look like gold bullion as it sets in the West.
The puppies and I sat outside on the patio and enjoyed every second of it.  I even located several planets with my Skyview App.
It lasted quite a few minutes as the clouds swirled slowly overhead.  The winds here never come from the same direction.  They're kind of squirrelly.
There's more rain in the forecast for the next three days.  That works for me as it will be a tad cooler, except my lawn is growing crazy.  It's in need of another haircut, so I suppose today is the day.
Apparently there will never be an end to the critters.  I wish I had taken a picture, but I felt so bad it escaped my mind.  I found a horny toad stuck to the sticky paper I keep in the garage at the very corner where scorpions can get in.  

I immediately grabbed a small thin rock and proceeded to slowly peel him off.  He looked dead, although I saw an eye blink and one toe move.  I figured he was not only exhausted from trying to escape but probably needed water badly because I'm sure my garage was 120 degrees.

I laid him on the edge of a dinner plate full of water in the back yard and sprinkled him just a tad.  RATS!  I think he's dead.  Now I feel awful!!

I put the puppies inside and went back out to check on him when lo and behold!!!!!  He was gone.  And I didn't even get a picture!!  Hopefully he's hiding in the bushes somewhere recuperating.  He blends in so well with the ground, I'm sure I will never see him again.

In other exciting news of the day, I was named Elk of the Quarter at my Lodge.  It's funny no one told me ... I just happened to read about it in the bulletin I brought along.  That's so weird!!  So just for kicks, I'm going to check out the local lodge here.  Maybe they could use a part time Bingo volunteer!!  Hahahahaha   Now to check out my fabric store finds.


  1. Nothing quite like the skies and weather in Arizona, love you photos.

    1. I've got more for you ... the weather can be crazy!

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha ... think my new wheelbarrow will work for moving those paving stones?

  3. You have taken so outstanding photographs. Thanks for posting them.

  4. This is Patsy, my laptop is currently sick. :( Oh how I miss it already!
    Your sky pictures are absolutely beautiful! Great capture. Good for you, saving the horny toad. I won't say anything else about having a horny male around your property! haha sorry, couldn't resist. Hope you take that in fun!

    1. You're too funny. I'm so sorry to hear your computer has health problems. Hoping the Doctor can get it fixed soon!!