Thursday, July 5, 2018

It Could Have Been Worse .....

The Fourth of July celebrations are over, at least for the time being.  It could have been worse.  I could have been wearing these lovely Incredibles costumes in the local parade.  Did I mention this is really small town America?

In spite of the car theft rings and gang bangers killing each other off over drugs (apparently we are a major stop between Los Angeles and Stockton) the parades show you our true colors.  We're weird.
Have you got an old Army vehicle, whatever this is?  You're in the parade.
Have you got a classic pickup?  You're in the parade.
Do you drive a car?  You're in the parade.
Even if it's a really OLD car, you're in the parade.
Other modes of transportation are also in the parade.  This is a major center for the Portuguese population, who have Festas and bullfights (the non-lethal kind) for their celebrations.  You have a horse you ride in the bullfights?  You're brave as all get out and you're in the parade.
It's also a farming community, so of course if you've got a tractor (there were ten of them), you're in the parade.
The firetrucks brought up the rear along with the Highway Patrol.  It's also that time when Mamacita brings out her frying pan and sells all sorts of concoctions on the sidelines.  Follow that up with the biggest Beer Garden I've ever seen and you have our local Independence Day celebration.

Miss Jessie wasn't impressed with any of it.  She decided the fold-up jail was her home for the day.  Knowing what was coming, I just left her to chill.
As it started to get dark, the bangs and booms began.  I just can't believe how much money these guys must spend on commercial fireworks.  It goes on for HOURS!!  That stuff can't be cheap!!  

Lucky for Jessie, it wasn't as bad as last year.  I tried to get her to go outside before bedtime, but she was having none of it!  Shivering and scared to death, she wanted to be in my lap.  Cooper could have cared less.  The couch is small, but somehow we managed to sleep pretty good with Jessie glued to my chest.

It seems most of the celebrations were further away from me this year and only lasted about three hours.  YAY ... and no one lit my back yard on fire.  It could have been MUCH worse.

Today it's Fight With The Post Office Day for the third time.  I'll relate my Magic Kingdom story tomorrow to keep this from being WAY too long.  I hope you had a great July 4th celebration!!


  1. Nothing quite like a small town parade, we love them.
    Good luck with the post office.

    1. Not the most exciting I've ever been to, that's for sure!

  2. Most of the fireworks companies here in Brevard County,, have a deal where you buy one get one free
    You don't buy them by the bag you buy them by the box, and some of those boxes way to 40 pounds that's a heck of a lot of fireworks ,, there are more cars and pick up trucks in the fireworks store . Then there was in Walmart parking lot
    There's only about four or five days in the year the fireworks companies make their money and basically falls on New Year's and Fourth of July at the same time ,
    It's pretty bad when you see fire first responders praying for rain which we had last night,, but I will say fireworks in the rain looks pretty cool

    1. Seriously? That's a LOT of fireworks!! All you can buy around here are the safe and sane small stuff. People drive out of state to get the ones they shoot off in my neighborhood.

  3. I'm sure you missed a rule in there somewhere. It probably said 'if your name is Nancy' you're in the parade.
    'if you're having a fight with the Post Office', you're in the parade. :) You are 'incredible' you should have been 'in the parade1'

    1. Actually anyone can be in the parade .... just step right up and dance your way through. Many people do just that!!