Saturday, December 2, 2017


Some mornings are just meant for a rollover and a couple more hours sleep.  That doesn't happen in my house.  As soon as I move, the dogs are on top of me just excited to be alive.  I am too!!

I was a little taken aback by the heating system turning on for the first time this winter.  When I peeked out the front door, I saw why.  It's 38 degrees and foggy, making for eerie sights across the hood.
After a cup of coffee and waking up a tad, my first task was to return a roll of macrame cord to Amazon.  We all shop (and LOVE) Amazon.  They have always gone above and beyond when it comes to ordering and returns.  Alas, I discovered they have gone over to the dark side.

Since Hobby Lobby let me down big time by not ordering the cord I needed to finish the macrame project, I have been scouring the shelves around town for another roll.  Apparently macrame isn't as popular as in the old days.  I couldn't find any.  No problem ... I'll order it from Amazon.

I found the same stuff and clicked on the box for TWO at $8 each.  I checked out ... not literally, but you know what I mean ... and waited patiently for the box to be delivered.  Praying it was the right color, I opened the aforesaid shipment to find ONE roll.  Wait ... there should be two.  My credit card was charged $17.  Where's the second roll?

Here's what I found out when I called.  That first roll for $8 was not available at Amazon, so they skipped on down to the NEXT supplier, at the ridiculous price of $17 and shipped it.  I'm not sure if that's a bait and switch or not, but I'm not buying it ... literally and figuratively.  I was promptly emailed a return shipping label.  

Et tu Brute?  Amazon has joined the ranks of overcharging?  Had the cord been the right color, they just might have convinced me to keep it at twice the price.  Buyer beware!!

Next up .. try and find twenty 48 oz bottles of Hershey's Syrup for the RV rally.  That a pretty tall order ... and a very heavy one I might add.  I found seven at Smart and Final, loaded them in my truck and tried to extricate myself from the parking space.  

Christmas seems to brings out bad drivers.  Even with the empty space on my left, I couldn't get my truck out due to the truck behind me not pulling forward far enough (by about four feet).  RATS!!  I pulled back in and tried to back out the other direction.  Just as I was taking up half the parking spot on my RIGHT side, some guy comes screaming in so fast I almost hit him before I even SAW his truck.  

Uh ... guys .... I can't get out of this spot with you all parked like that.  As you know, trucks don't have a very good turning radius.  As the fastest kid in the west got out of his truck, I yelled at him.  HEY!!!  Since I can't get out now, would you watch the truck behind me to be sure I don't crash in to him?  AND HE DID!!  Of course the whole time I was afraid he would direct me right into the bumper, but I had faith and finally got out while two more cars waited.  Good grief Charlie Brown!!
Now home with my syrup, I thought about ordering the rest on Amazon, but think I'll hit up the grocery stores first.  I am NOT going back to Costco, the land of less expensive due to bulk buying, but not suitable for single me.

Last night, Cooper tried to smooze me as we watched another Christmas movie.  I counter that with Nightmare Next Door just to keep it real.
I'm hoping to hit the fabric store in Turlock this morning.  No, I'm not worried about the fog.  I've been driving in it for 54 years now.  You just have to be smart about your speed and make no turns until you roll down your window and listen for traffic.  Just watch out for the OTHER guy!!


  1. Glad you got out of that parking spot. Cisco is not place that we enjoy shopping , even with my restaurant I found better deals elsewhere.

  2. I still love Amazon,makes shopping so easy in a rural area.

    1. Yup, you are SO right!! I'm still shopping there!!

  3. FOG? The fog of the '60's was way worse than the fog of today down in the valley, don't you agree???

    1. Yes I do Dave. The fog is no where near what it used to be. For days on end we would never see the sun ... or the road!!