Tuesday, December 26, 2017

And To All A Good Night .....

Another Christmas is in the books.  I hope Santa Claus brought you everything you wanted or needed for Christmas.  The best part is of course watching all the little kids faces when they open their presents.

I got to see a tad bit of that when my Outlaw Sister sent pictures of her son (now 40-something) opening the box of shirts along with a gift card to Cabelas that I sent.  HIS son got the same, since they are wanting to go hunting in Idaho.  Seems that's the thing to do nowadays where they live.

I know it's not the best to send gift cards, but it's what I do so they get what they want.  Not quite as much fun to open, but it sure beats a pair of socks and the shopping makes up for it.
Lucky them, my nephew's wife Brandi (here's a funny note, my nickname used to be Brandi when I was in High School, though I can't remember why) ... anyway, Brandi is a baker and she made THIS for their Christmas dessert.  Wouldn't I like a chunk of THAT!!!

It would be nice to spend Christmas with them, but it's IDAHO and they have that white stuff called SNOW.  Driving an RV is out of the question, as is staying with anyone when you have two dogs and a parrot in tow.  
In the afternoon, I put a border on this quilt ... bet you were hoping not to see THIS one again!!  The second border material just didn't float my boat, so this one is going to Arizona to look for something different.
I spent most of the morning contemplating the leftover prime rib.  By the way, there are many reasons NOT to cook this chunk of meat.  It's expensive, it takes four hours prep time, it sets off fire alarms requiring dozens of 9V batteries, you really need a crowd of ten to eat it and when all is said and done, you are left with the biggest greasy mess EVER!!!

I also thought about Yorkshire pudding, but once I had all the ingredients sitting on the counter, I decided to pass.  The recipe makes a dozen ... that's TWELVE I'd have to eat while they were still hot.  My gut feeling told me these don't reheat very well.  I put everything away.  Maybe next year.  I nuked one leftover slice of prime rib ever so gently.  It came out perfect!

Sitting around just didn't get it for me, since none of my favorite football teams were playing.  I grabbed my latest embroidery project and hit the machine.  It's not really hard to switch from regular sewing to embroidery, but it takes time and a little patience.  
Did I tell you how much I LOVE this machine?  If it ever dies a horrible death, I'd definitely buy another one.  It's the little things I discovered, like rock your foot back on the foot pedal and it moves the needle UP instead of giving your wrist carpal tunnel by hand turning the drive.  It also very easily makes amazing things like this, one of four corners that make up a Wedding Quilt block.

I'm making the much easier and cheaper table runner with twelve of these.  Imagine making 140 for a quilt.  That's WAY beyond my attention level.
Time to get back to setting up the rig.  I always get nervous with so much to do.  Today I'll make up my list and start scratching off everything I complete.  At least that makes me feel a little better about being prepared for takeoff.


  1. You did have a and very nice Christmas there and the prime rib is so worth the mess, gonna see if I can find on today on sale here.
    Now get packing and come to this much warmer weather. Travel safe.

    1. It's definitely the time to buy prime rib ... it's now on sale EVERYWHERE!!!

    2. We found some but even on sale I have a hard time spending $50.00 for a roast, we can go out for a nice prom rib meal around here for much less, Oh well, glad you enjoyed yours.

  2. Looks like you celebrated Christmas the way you wanted.
    Try making your check-list up on a Spreadsheet that you can change as you see fit and you simply print it out when needed. Saves on the repeated head scratching.
    Maybe our paths might even cross in the future.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. A spreadsheet sounds like a good idea. I do like scratching things off a to-do list.