Sunday, December 17, 2017

Dinner At The Magic Kingdom

One of the perks of volunteering at Elks Magic Kingdom Bingo is the Christmas Dinner we all share on one Friday night.  As I've said before, our claim to fame is Applebees.  If you want a nice steak dinner, that's about the only place to go.  HOWEVER ... if you are an Elks Member, you can partake of the Friday Night Dinners, which are AMAZING!!

Keep in mind, this is a small agricultural burg, but we lucked out and hired a great Chef.  Boy can he COOK!!  The prices aren't too bad either, with steaks and prime rib around $20 each.  As a Bingo Volunteer, you can order anything you want from the menu for your Christmas meal.

I had heard over and over about how delicious the Rack of Lamb was.  In all my years on this earth, I've never tasted it.  I wish that was still the case.  At the behest of everyone at the table who raved about how great it was, that's what I ordered.

I'm a COWperson.  We raised beef cattle.  I do know about sheep, since taking one of my best cutting horses to a trainer in Idaho who had Basque roots.  A rather weird combination.  At any rate, I knew lamb tasted different than beef.  No problem ... I've tried lots of different meats, from bear to rattlesnake to venison.

Nothing prepared me for what I beheld when they set that plate in front of me.  Good grief ... those are the tiniest ribs I've ever seen.  When they say lamb, they mean BABY!!  I was immediately put off, so much so that I didn't take a picture.  I was stunned into silence.

The nice English lady at the table showed me how to eat them.  I cut the ribs apart to find them fabulously rare inside, just the way I like.  Trouble was, by the time I got my knife in there and cut it off the bone, there was one tiny piece about an inch around and half an inch thick.  One very small bite.  I had four ribs, making four bites of meat, each costing $5.00.  I tried to savor every one.

I thought about picking up the ribs and gnawing on the bones, but since I was out in public, I declined.  There wasn't much meat left on the rib anyway.

I admit, it wasn't my taste.  It wasn't gamey or even very strong, but it wasn't BEEF.  I only ate two tiny pieces, then filled up on the best salad bar in the West, along with some amazing clam chowder, trying to drown out the image in my head of a baby lamb.
What a disappointment.  The next morning, I sliced the remaining two ribs for breakfast.  If you stacked the two together, there was about as much meat as one marshmallow, and there was that funny taste again.  Nope ... rack of lamb is not for me.    
The good news is I didn't pay for it at $21.00.  Next time I'll order the rib eye steak ... a REAL piece of meat!!!

Right after breakfast, my doorbell rang with a lovely Christmas arrangement from my Outlaw Sister (ex sister-in-law) whom I adore.  She's a sweetheart and LOVES all things "tree".  Personally I would rather have a gift card, but I know how much she loves this kind of thing, so I'm appreciating it for the Christmas gift it is!!  

Although you can't really see, it's a sleigh filled with greenery.  One sled rail broke, so it's propped up with books.  Sadly, it will end up in the trash eventually.  If this is your kind of thing, it might NOT be your recipient's kind of thing!  Just sayin' ............
Today is the kids Christmas party at the Elks Lodge, complete with Santa.  Once they each get their present, we fill them up with sugar ... cookies and hot chocolate, cake and ice cream ... then send them home wired to the hilt!!  It's going to be a fun day!!


  1. Never eaten lamb before and not too interested to try. I agree with your picture of a baby lamb. Everyone has their own taste and mine is not eating raw meat.
    Don't get the kids too wired.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Lamb definitely has a different flavor and rare is much more tender. Not for everyone though!!

  2. Lamb is not for everyone, but is actually one of my favourites when I can find it. No it is not beef and not a lot of meat but that suits me fine. At least you tried it and don't need to do it again.

    1. Steaks always make at least three meals for me!! I doubt lamb will be on my list of choices any more.

  3. I agree, I am a COW person too, after all, worked at a Steak House for too many years! HOWEVER, Marcia (full blooded GREEK) can do lamb like you could not believe. Yes, Lamb Chops and Rack of Lamb are small...but I don't get those anywhere but at home where we can just pick them up and chew on them. At Sams or Costco you can buy a boneless leg of lamb, you oil it, spice it (she knows which spices, garlic is a MUST) and we put it in the slow cooker...high for one hour, low for 4-6 hours depending on size and rareness. NOW THAT rivals any good beef roast. She likes a bone-in roast, but that has to be done in the oven....slow cooker is just too easy, especially in the motorhome.

    1. I'm betting Marcia was raised on lamb!! I bet she really knows how to cook it too ... sounds delicious!!!