Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tripping The Light Fantastic!!

To dance lightly and energetically to music ... not exactly what I was doing yesterday when I left for my morning run, it was more like barely able to life my feet off the pavement ... but my music was certainly energetic enough to keep me going!!


Drop drop

Uh Oh!!!  I started feeling rain drops before I even got to the end of the block.  I didn't even have time to worry about the dog that was running across the field at me or the suspicious car parked on the side of the road.  I ran at a record pace back to the safety of the house but it wasn't fast enough to keep from getting soaked.  Note to self ... next time take a look up at the black clouds before heading out!!

I wish I had some amazing photos to show you, but all I've been able to capture is my TV and the recliner as I test the settings.  The BIG problem is that I can't even see those ... I discovered rather quickly that my program to download the images doesn't exactly know what it's looking at.  Apparently something has changed in the way this camera encodes the information, making my program say WHAT?????  It won't open them at all.  I spent hours on the internet trying to find a solution, but only found the solutions tried, caused even more problems.  The larger picture problem is that Adobe is no longer upgrading their programs.  You've heard of the Cloud???  Not the ones I ran into this morning, but some SPACE out there in Cyberspace with their name on it where all their programs reside.  Us lucky citizens of THIS universe can RENT space there for $9.99 and borrow their programs.  Trouble is that $9.99 space gets used up way too quickly with images from this camera ... and you have to rent even MORE space!!  Good for Adobe of course!!

The good news is that I know I can change the settings on the camera to take images with less information included that CAN be read by my computer.  But really ... what's the use of buying this fantastic new camera if you can't use all the functions???  If I had known this beforehand, I wouldn't have purchased the camera.  I doubt Nikon will care and of course I KNOW Adobe doesn't care because they want your rental money!!

I'll keep you updated ... but in the meantime, I'm heading out to the Game Refuge to see what I can see!!


  1. Look at a program called Picasa, it is from google. I shoot large format Jpeg and it takes anything I give it. It is photo editing software and very easy to use. I use a device that is a USB card reader. It will hold multiple types of storage cards from cameras or phones. It cost me $5.00 at a computer store. Now for a question that might point to the problem, are you shooting in "RAW" mode? If so, the images may be too large. Also, look at Apache Open Office Software. It is a free download, they do request donations, but in this Open Office software, it is very easy to create PDF files.

    Be careful on the road.

    1. Rex, actually I do shoot in RAW mode so the files are too big for most software. The good news is I discovered I can change it to Hi Res JPEG, which CAN be downloaded until I find a solution. I really appreciate your suggestions though and will check out Picasa and Open Office.