Sunday, March 9, 2014


Don't you just hate it when the time changes??  How come Arizona gets along just fine without changing the time twice a year??  The excuse given in my neighborhood is so the kids don't stand outside to catch the school bus in the dark.  Lets see ... for three of the six months we do this, the kids are NOT in school, which means they are yelling, screaming and running on my front lawn until late in the evening.  YUP ... I vote to stop this nonsense!  It messes with people minds, makes them miss appointments and be late to work.  One of my nurse friends posted last night that the time change totally screws up the night shift nurses at the hospital ... now THAT's a scary thought!!  The real reason for the time change is to save energy.  I never did quite understand that thought either.  Supposedly you use less electricity in the evenings by not turning your lights on ... except we now use MORE electricity in the morning.  I'm thinking it's time to move to Arizona ... or Hawaii (they don't recognize it either)!!

Speaking of Hawaii ... I have a trip to Maui coming up, so be ready for some beautiful sunshine pictures!!  Unfortunately I can't take my doggies with me, so a friend will stay at my house.  I promised myself I wouldn't get so attached to my critters any more, but of course I didn't listen, and will miss them terribly!!  The good news is I have an airline-miles card and this year I charged literally everything I could .. food, fuel, DMV, insurance ... paying it off every month.  The amazing end result is that I get to travel to Maui (and back) in FIRST CLASS for FREE FREE FREE!!!  Finally I get to see how the "other" side lives!!!  I'll give you a blow by blow description on the blog!!

On another subject, I like to pay it forward and help where I can.  In our area we have an organization of local churches called LOVE INC (In the Name of Christ) that works not only to help those in need with food and temporary housing, but to educate those people through job skill training and most importantly, budgeting.  Basically, how they got there and how to get out instead of just looking for a handout!!  Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!  So every year when they have their dinner/auction fundraiser, I attend with 10-15 other Elks members.  There's a huge silent auction along with a live auction of high-priced items, including Disneyland tickets!!!  No, I didn't win those ... they went for over $1000.  Last year I purchased a hand-made quilt I keep in the RV.  This year I bid on a deep cast iron skillet with lid!!  AND I WON!!!!!
It's actually two skillets in one ... a real deal for $60.  When I got home however, the hammer fell!  When I turned it over and looked at the bottom, wouldn't you know it was made in CHINA!!!   Aaaaauuuuuggggggg!!!  No wonder they had it wrapped it.  Oh well, the money is going for a good cause.  Hopefully I don't die from lead poisoning.  Guess I need to read up and see if all cast iron is equal!!

Did I mention the dessert auction???  The good part about going with the Elks is they budget $500 to spend every year ... on desserts!!!  Can you imaging paying $150 for a cake??  Well we did, and I have to say it was worth every penny.  I don't know who made it, but this was by far, the best carrot cake I have ever eaten in my life!!!
This of course, spurs my ambition to make one just as good ... which is on the schedule for this week.  I'll let you know how it goes.

So if you have a few extra dollars, please pay it forward ... the feeling you get from helping someone is well worth the loss of that hamburger you were going to have for lunch.  


  1. Looked it up on Bing and it shows the cast iron skillets made in China to be safe. Don't want anything happening to you because I enjoy you blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Joe!!! I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I really appreciate the info because I want to hang around as long as possible!!! I've got lots more RV'ing to do!!!