Tuesday, December 1, 2015

YES I Did!!!

Did I really move this huge dresser from my bedroom to the spare bedroom by myself??  Did I order anything online since it was Cyber Monday??  Did I scream and raise cain with Amazon over a missing package??  The answers ..... yes and no!!

The local furniture store will deliver my new bedroom furniture today.  I'm downsizing from a California King to a Queen.  It feels like a twin bed ... like the old Army cots we used to sleep on as a kid, outside under the stars, all summer long, to keep us out of the house.  About as soft too ... I think my aching back may need a new mattress.

With Christmas pricing, if I bought just the bed frame, it would have cost more than the bed and dresser together.  THAT meant moving my HUGE existing dresser.  It was a little hard to jar loose from the carpet, since it's been there from carpet installation day.  But once I got the drawers all out, I was able to life the end with a shovel and slide it over.  You have to have been raised on a ranch to know that little trick!!
Then I put these little gizzies under the feet and away we went.  Sort of anyway.  I only have two, which I put out front, then literally put my back into it, as it slowly slid off the carpet onto the hardwood floor.  Easy peasy from there until I hit the carpet in the second bedroom.  I got a running start down the hallway and slammed over the doorway like it was nothing.  Voila!!!  Dresser moved.
I could have waited for the furniture guys to move it, but I have several other pieces in my sights for them.  Three more big things I'm getting rid of that I can't move by myself.  

So yesterday was Cyber Monday ... did you order lots of great stuff at lower than low prices?  I thought about it, but really, there was nothing I could think of that I couldn't live without.  I'm pretty sure you can't order custom made husbands on-line, they are just too expensive, so I was out of luck.  I did think about Cooking School, but those were all too far away.  For those with young children and grandchildren, I did think this was a great idea.  Buy 25 small books and a plush toy or blanket, and read together every night until Christmas, with the last book being 'Twas The Night Before .....
You may remember me mentioning an order I placed at Amazon in October that was being carted around the country by the United States Post Office.  It went from Amazon in Tracy, to Newark, to Merced, to Bell Gardens (LA), to Sacramento, to Richmond, to San Leandro, back to Merced, to Richmond, to Sacramento, to Las Vegas.  And they wonder why no one wants to use the Post Office for mail services any more.  

When I checked my mail yesterday (everything was closed for Thanksgiving) I received a notice from the Post Office for postage due on that package of $8.75 because of all the places THEY had sent it.  I placed the order October 29 and should have received it October 31.  The notice was dated November 23 ... November 24 it was in Las Vegas.  They gave me less than one day to pick it up.  

I finally decided to call Amazon, but after an hour on the website trying to find their phone number, I called Nick Russell for help.  He walked me through the many screens until I finally found where you put YOUR number in and they call YOU ... immediately ... like in two seconds!!  Thank you Nick!!!

I explained the situation, then the nice lady thanked me for being a Prime Member ($107 a year), apologized profusely that I hadn't received the package and immediately put a credit on my account.  WOW ... that was easy.  To make it even better, she said they WILL eventually get that package to me and I can keep it, no charge, except for the $10 I will probably owe the Post Office for their ineptitude!!  I've never seen that kind of service before!!  I guess that $107 a year is worth it, because that one package alone cost $65, not to mention all the free two day shipping and discounts you get!!

So YES I did move the dresser, NO I didn't order anything on Cyber Monday and NO I didn't have to raise cain with Amazon.  All in all, a pretty good day in my book!!!


  1. This Vyacheslav and after read last blog I worry much because you say this blog you can't order custom made husbands on-line, they are just too expensive On last blog you ask how much is one million rubles ... in American money and for short time Vyacheslav worry, but no more worry because Vyacheslav is worth every ruble. So do not worry about rubles and US dollars just drink Vodka and be happy.

    1. Yes I bet if you drink THAT much vodka, you be VERY happy!!! No worries Vyacheslav .. you're on my list!!

  2. Hello, could you post Amazon directions? I have a Prime order that should have been here three days ago. Would like to find out the hold up.
    Thank you. I really enjoy your blog

    1. Debbie, first you should go back to the email Amazon sent you that has your tracking number. Use that to track your package through USPS.com. It will show you the exact trail of your package and where it is at the moment. If you still don't receive it, go to Your Account, scroll down to the bottom right "Let Us Help You" and click on Help, scroll down again to "Browse Help Topics", roll your mouse over "Need More Help" and to the right will show up "Contact Us". That's the one. Good Luck!!

  3. Nancy, follow up to the temperature thread in yesterday's blog. Here in SW Florida, Cape Coral, the high for the week is 84 and the lowest (at night) expected is 64, but it might get down to 60. We don't have a fireplace in the house and don't use the furnace much. Vyacheslav seems like an interesting guy. Why haven't you asked him for a picture and a set of financial statements? Jim

    1. OH YEAH!!! Vyacheslav ... send me a picture!!!!! LOL

      Darn .... no fair you have such perfect weather Jim ... I bet the kite flying is excellent too, but don't tell me or I'll feel even worse!! LOL

  4. Don't Go for it Nancy 1 million Ruple's is only $15,093
    After his visa and and his airline ticket he'll be broke
    And after he eats and a bunch of California restaurants that's a guarantee
    But if you do change your mind and go with caution
    But look out he will be using your bathroom to make bathtub vodka and try to sell it to the Czechoslovakian in the neighborhood.
    But remember Russians can't cook they can drink like hello
    But then again he's probably got a couple of Lithuanian Jago's ( Family ) he's trying to smuggle into the US By way of Portugal or Spain and needs a US bride
    So unless he can produce a picture ID and he looks like Cary Grant I suggest do you patriotic duty to block the US border from undesirable lowlife
    That's my 1/2 Ruple on the subject

    1. Best advice ever!!!! I'd probably be overrun with all of his home town buddies pretending to be "family" anyway. But you're right, if he looks like Cary Grant, it just might be worth it!! LOLOLOLOL