Saturday, December 5, 2015

Wonder Women!!!

Faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap ..... oh wait ... that's the wrong one.  Hi Ho Silver ..... nope! Here I come to save the ........ ummm I don't think so.  In the brightest day, in the darkest night, no evil shall escape my ...... no, that's not it either.   Oh well ... I'll think of it, probably tomorrow morning at 3:00 am.

In the meantime, my Wonder Woman friend Diane and I gathered up all our amazing strength from Hera (Wonder Woman's goddess mother) and moved the 300 pound headboard from one bedroom to the other.  We didn't even need Braden's help!!  Last night, I put it all together and VOILA!!  My guest bedroom is in working order.  There's not much room to move around, but I rarely have guests anyway!!  Now to find a step stool so they can actually get IN the bed!
With four mover pads now available, I was even able to get the huge TV stand out into the dining room by myself.   Now if I can just find someone to take it off my hands!!

I spent the rest of the morning emptying those last three drawers into my smaller dresser.  It's hard to get rid of that really good running gear I used to wear, but I'm pretty sure I will never get back to my fighting weight.  I mean really .... I can still get them on, but it's not a pretty picture!!  Four bags of clothing went to Goodwill.

I finished up the accounting work yesterday in no time, and came home with an armload of goodies.  Three of the biggest avocados I've ever seen, a couple jars of pomegranate jelly and this beautiful cyclamen.  It said Poinsettia on the side, which I questioned, so I sent a picture off to the Tucson Wonder Woman for clarification.  She knows all things green!!

Her reply included "plant in June in a shady area, next to your hydrangea".  That didn't help me much .... I have a hydrangea??  How am I going to keep this baby alive until June?  Do I have to drag it around in the motorhome with me?  After further discussion, I think I will try to plant it next to what I think is the hydrangea and surround it with plastic.  Hopefully it survives until my return.
There are a few people on my Christmas list who receive a small thank you every year, so while in town, I picked up some See's Candy.  It was a good day to stop in .... not a sole in sight!  Holy sugar high, Batman!!  This stuff is like GOLD!!!  Have you priced any of it lately?  At $18.50 a box, I'm pretty sure I could make twice this much candy on my own for HALF the price.  Maybe it wouldn't taste QUITE the same, but this is crazy!!  No wonder there was no one in the shop.  Oh well, it's only money!!
Another football weekend is upon us, so I'll be laid out on the couch with the puppies.  I'm hoping it warms up enough to begin the packing and reorganization of the motorhome.  There's really not much time left before the Indio Rally.  THIS Wonder Woman needs to get her act together and double check the ice cream order.  "Thank you Hera for your strength!"  THAT'S IT!!!  I knew I would remember!!



  1. Vyaadka is suprise you know moma (VOILA). Vyaadka tell moma you got guest room ready for her. Moma like bed but need step stool she 4 ft 3 in tall. Moma say please do not send candy save gold for plane ticket. Moma ask why you give clothes to Goodwll is good friend.


    1. ROFL .... just a lucky guess!! Moma is going to need a really tall ladder and a BIG duffle bag. No plane ticket .. she's small enough to fit in the baggage compartment!! Oh .... and bring all her kitchen utensils. Most of mine were burned up in the fire!!

    2. Mister ed wants for Vyaadka to come to America to get rich on free stuff. Mister ed say he want Vyaadka to find smart RV California Valley girl. Vyaadka already find smart and, how you say in America, beautiful RV California Valley girl. Moma want to know when land in America do Nancy pick up duffle bag at airport do she ship to you front door by USP oh I mean UPS. Moma say not bring all utensils knives be dangerous in bag with her.

  2. SEE.S candy My shipping address will follow shortly