Thursday, December 17, 2015

We Could All Use A Little More JOY!!

Life isn't always a bowl of cherries and we really could use a little more JOY in the world.  I tried to do my part yesterday at lunch with my Bingo friend Ann ... the Castle Lawyer.  She's amazing, dividing her time between the Elks Lodge and the Veterans of Foreign Wars, spreading lots of JOY in our little town.

Ann's son works at the Hilmar Cheese Factory, which has fast become my favorite place to eat.  We met just before noon, giving us both lots of time to shop in their little store.  They not only have great Christmas items, but loads of condiments, jams, pasta, olive oils and other local fare, not to mention their great cheese.

When I saw this little gem, I figured I could spread the JOY at my house, as well as Hilmar Cheese, maybe helping pay for a little of Ole Bessie's grain.  This little sign really did it's job when a nice lady who works at Children's Hospital came by to say she wanted one, which was sold in their gift shop, but sold out.  Pretty soon there were three of us admiring the sign and having a good laugh about rolling the dice to see who ended up with it.  Lucky for me, I got my hands on it first.    Even a sign can bring a little more JOY into the world.  It's programmable too, so I don't have to remember to turn it off!!
On the way home, I stopped in to get my mail.  It's like Christmas or something ... I got two packages!!  That Amazon order that I never received?  I finally reordered those KJL flashlights.  They arrived in two days, along with a weeks supply of my coffee.  I LOVE Amazon!!  Of course it took me almost an hour to figure out how to install the batteries, as these came with no directions of ANY kind!!  That wasn't too joyful ... I really didn't want to have to call someone and ask!!
The second box was a wine toting Santa from my Ex-Sister-in-Law.  I don't remember Santa needing wine, but to be honest, I sure could use a glass about now.
I was asked to help with the critique of the portfolios the Intermediate Photography Class prepared for their final.  It's a fun time spreading the joy, then ripping apart their images and building them back up again!!  There's so much more to photography than just snapping a picture.  Some of these kids missed that part, but overall they did a great job.  

The colors in this image are perfect, but it needs to be cropped.  Those six images of totally unrelated things in the antique store with the price tags showing ... you can take those out and burn them!!!  Same goes for the picture of your niece and the black dog in the black truck.  I know you love your niece, but NEVER put family or pet images in a portfolio ... I think that was in Chapter 1.

The photo shoot they did in one of the old buildings at Castle Air Force Base resulted in many, MANY of the exact same images.  Some however, were able to move their feet and get the shot from a different angle, making for some poster quality vintage 50's photography.  Unfortunately I can't show you any because they are all copyrighted.  The lesson is to move around and get that shot from a different perspective and angle than 99% of the people who just walk up and click.

It was a long night on several levels (I got home at midnight, definitely past MY bedtime), making for a distinct lack of sleep and crabby attitude.  There's no JOY in the house this morning and I have a 9:00 hair appointment.  Maybe I can sneak in a nap before another Christmas dinner and meeting this evening.  I think I'll go turn my sign on ... 


  1. I know what you mean about finding that different angle, I think some do it instinctively, while others don't think about it. Up in Washington State this past summer there was this ocean shot that everyone else got....while I saw a tree which helped to frame the large rock formations out in the water close to the shore. I told one guy about it and he went and took a picture of the tree...I said, "Sir, step over here (about 10 paces), which he did, and I said, "See how the tree frames those rocks?" He got so excited I thought he was going to pee his pants.

    1. You're right Dave ... sometimes it's just a matter of getting down on one knee. I've even been known to lay down in the middle of the road ... but only if you have someone to keep watch!!

  2. Copyright infringement a very serious if you're taking a photograph of a person that you do not have permission from and republishing it and making money off of it or using it for your gain If you're taking a picture of say the Japanese Garden in Portland Oregon you can take all the pictures you want but if you're a professional repeat professional photographer you have to get permission if you're going to use them for your gain it will cost you anywhere from $150-$200 per session
    Any photographs taken at that point becomes copyrighted 2-D photographer
    Now if you take a picture of the Oregon coast with your camera with no people in it ok and use it in your post
    I personally could take that picture that you published and posted on my website however the only thing you could do is ask me to take it down and I have to comply if I credit you the photograph that you have taken then There is no copyright infringement
    Now if I took any photographs or any text off to gypsy journal those are copyrighted to Nick Russell so therefore I cannot do anything I have to either pay him or get his permission for the use of his copyright
    As for the Outting that they did at the Air Force Base that building is technically public use obtained permission to utilize that building and photograph it the students are not professional photographers there considered or beginner students therefore no infringement falls under that category it's considered a demonstrator they derive no money from the pictures that they take
    So therefore if you give them credit and the school they attend you're
    Also any photograph you take off the Internet for your personal gain but not for sale for publication or syndicatedare are not covered by infringements I hope that helps you there and not too technical

    It would go something like this

    The below paragraph was recopied and pasted to this post

    Special Considerations for Images
    Photographs of people may involve rights of privacy or publicity, state and/or federal laws which limit the use of a person's likeness. Consider:

    Using photographs of people taken in larger public scenes
    Avoiding photographs of famous people, or people engaging in private activities
    Being aware that Publicity rights limit commercial uses
    Photographs of works of art may involve the rights of the work's creator/copyright holder. Consider:

    Using photographs of 2-D public domain works -- these are usually not protected by copyright
    Buildings designed after Dec. 1, 1990 are copyrighted. Consider:

    Using photographs taken from a public place

    1. It's pretty crazy ... all the rules and regulations. I get past most of that by posting such small pixel images that they can't be copied ... not that anyone would want them in the first place ... and not using anyone else's for making money!

  3. Speak of JOY; Vyaadka like to wish Ms Nancy and all commenters to her a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. Aww thank you Vyaadka. I wasn't sure if you had Christmas in Russia or not. Be sure and put on an extra heavy coat to combat the snow and ice. I hear it's pretty chilly in your neck of the woods!!