Thursday, December 3, 2015

Work Work Work .......

There's that dirty word again .... WORK!!  I really did retire several years ago and even dropped all my accounting customers except one.  She's an 80 year old Real Estate Broker that I have worked with for over thirty years.  I have become such good friends with her family, there's no way I would ever let her down by not doing her accounting work ... which is a LOT ... taking me several days!!!

I'm highly overpaid for this work in pomegranate jelly, oranges, avocados, hand cracked walnuts and an amazing array of goodies she bakes this time of year.  I wouldn't change it for the world!!  I spent most of yesterday bringing her accounts up to date, getting ready for the end of 2015 which is coming WAY too fast!!  For some reason, I still want to write 1999!!

As I galavant around the country, whether it's to Alaska or just two miles to town, my camera goes with me.  You never know when the perfect picture will appear before your eyes.  I've always carried it in a backpack instead of a case.  Mainly because it's a little more discreet and doesn't advertise "steal me"!!  Unfortunately, that's a little hard on the gear.  Every year however, the industry comes up with lighter and better backpacks for cameras.

I just picked up this one from Think Tank ... can you say Christmas discount?  Even though it looks rather large in the picture, it's small, lightweight and easy to access.
There's plenty of room for my camera and a couple of lenses with space left over for junk ... I mean equipment ... you really need.  It's even big enough to handle small purchases of items I can't live without.  I'm anxious to give it a try this winter, hoping that it doesn't end up in my it-didn't-work room.
The rest of the evening I spent going through my drawers, wading through things I didn't even know I had.  Only three to go!!  I now have a two foot tall stack of clothing to go to Goodwill.  Where did all this stuff come from??  Oh yeah ... I used to work and required all this paraphernalia to get through the day.  I'm keeping the Spanx ... not that I can still get them on, but you never know when they might come in handy!!

In the evening, Cooper, Jessie, Jonathan and I watched more Christmas movies, hoping I can pick up some dating tips.  Have you ever really watched these?  I've never seen women wear so much makeup ... and I'm the makeup Queen!!  Yikes ... you could scrape it off with a knife!!  I think they should have attended acting school instead of cosmetology school!!
Since I discovered I really do have to buy a few Christmas presents, I'm off this morning with a girlfriend and her grandson into the wild blue yonder of MALL-town.  It's a jungle out there ..... I hope I survive!!!


  1. Vyacheslav also still write 1999 everyday. That is cost of Vodka. Do not worry for you that back pack does not work, it looks like it hold large bottle of Vodka. Vyacheslav want to tell you not to worry about watching movies to get dating tips you already got date. Vyacheslav come to America soon when you send five million rubles. You may ask why Vyacheslav want more rubles. Vyacheslav read comment that tell that one million rubles is only 15000 US dollars and Vyacheslav be broke when he get to America. Vyacheslav does not want to be broke, he want to buy you many bottles of good Vodka.

    1. Another five million rubles!!!!! Hold on there pardner ... I'm not all THAT fond of vodka! By the way Vyacheslav, does your mother cook?? We may be able to work out a deal!!