Sunday, December 13, 2015

It's A Holly, Jolly Christmas!!!

That only applies however, if you are NOT wandering around Home Depot trying to find someone to help you!  It didn't take me long to get in Grinch Mode!!

I knew better, I really did.  I even thought to myself .... Self?  It's probably not a good idea to go to Home Depot on a Saturday when it's this close to Christmas.  It sounded a lot like my Dad, so of course I ignored the voices in my head and went off in search of that molding I need for the spare bedroom.

The parking lot was only half full.  It's going to be a good day I thought.  I'll get what I need and have that project finished in no time.

The first order of business was either a skill saw or a jig saw.  I have a very large sheet of 1/4" plastic covering a much smaller table.  It bends over the sides, making clean cuts of quilt material almost impossible.  I snagged an employee in the tool section and asked his opinion.   He suggested a jig saw, along with this bluetooth shop radio.  I thought the same thing .... why do I need this shop radio??  Because it comes with a battery and the jigsaw does NOT.  This radio is on sale and costs the same as a single battery, so I get two for one.  That's cool ... a radio I can take with me anywhere!!
As I stood contemplating the jigsaw, a nice gentleman shopper said NO NO NO.  You really should get a skill saw instead.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought he was right.  This would have many more applications, and it's battery operated ... no need for an electrical outlet.  I really don't need umpteen horsepower anyway.  Ho Ho Ho .... I'm getting a skill saw for Christmas.  This is pretty fun!!
Too large to carry, I scrounged around for a basket, finally grabbing one in the lightbulb department, hoping it really didn't belong to anyone.  I found some very small light bulbs for a chandelier lamp, before happily heading to the far end of the building ... the LUMBER department.

That's when things started to go south.  WAYYYYY south!!   It took me five minutes to find the molding section, where they had a cut from every type on the wall, along with a section number so you could find it.  After another ten minutes of trying to FIND the tiny section numbers, let alone READ them, and EUREKA!!  I found exactly what I wanted, except they are in 20 foot lengths.  YIKES!!  That's not going to fit in my truck at all!  I need someone to cut that in half.

I wandered around looking for an employee, but none were to be found.  I looked everywhere for a button to push that might bring someone.  Nothing!!  After 20 minutes of wandering, I went to the cash registers and asked for help.  I even told her what aisle I would be in.  Back to the lumber, I waited in vain.  It was just like on the TV commercial ... here I was roaming around this huge building and there was not a sole in sight.  I began to think maybe there had been a natural disaster that I wasn't aware of .... everyone had abandoned the building and I have to survive on my own!!

Back to the front, I requested help again and spent another 20 minutes reading about concrete and 2x4's, fencing, decking, and checking the cutting station every few minutes.  Nothing!!  The Grinch reared his ugly head!!  Fine!!  I'll just go to the OTHER store!!

Did you find everything? she asked at the cash register.  Yes I did, but with no one to help me out, I'm going to the other store for that purchase.  I put everything on her counter and walked the four feet to the credit machine, where the transaction was completed.  My happy Christmas mood now dangerously close to explosion, I walked to my truck.  It was then that I wondered if she charged me for the skill saw blade.  It's NOT in my bag.  KABANG!!!  That was my temper exploding as I realized she didn't ring up ALL my purchases.  

She saw me coming .... I'm sure she cringed as I announced for all to hear .... why didn't you ring up all my stuff.  Her response??  Oh, I didn't know that was yours.  Gosh, it was on the counter with the skill saw ... and it's a skill saw blade ... and you didn't think it was mine?  

I knew better ... really I did.  I should have just waited for mid week.  They have no more employees at the store on Saturday and Sunday than they do on any other day of the week, and with the Christmas rush, it makes getting help nearly, if not completely, impossible.  

I didn't even open the boxes when I got home.  I consumed four pieces of Sees Candy and sat on the couch watching those dumb Christmas movies, trying to improve my mood.  I'll be sure and fortify myself for the next trip to get that molding!  Blonde Nancy will have to make an appearance in her short skirt and high heels.  Maybe THEN I can get some help in the lumber department!!


  1. At the Home Depot in Florida you can cut the wood in the store California might have different rules (of course they do, why even think that they wouldn't)

    1. I thought about trying that Dave. I think if they heard the saw start up, someone might come running. LOL

  2. Be sure to let us know how blonde Nancy does.

    1. No problem!!! She usually does much better than I do!!

  3. Next time you go to Home Depot bring a sandwich and a juice or forget about the sale jockys go right to the manager of the store unless their senile they will bend over backwards to help you
    And the last anonymous was right in the Home Depot you can cut the length that you want on the molding if you can't do it ask them they'll cut it for you
    Now you mentioned that you're going to cut a piece of quarter inch plastic
    what I'm going to tell you you will probably laugh but this is how you do it
    If you want to cut plastic it needs to be with a fine tooth blade this is where you're gonna laugh
    turn the blade around so it cuts backwards that way it won't shatter and splinter the plastic
    It may seem unorthodox way I'm telling you to do it but trust me from experience this is how it's done (run it by Mr. D)
    What you're doing is using the backside of the blade to slice it it cuts that way do not do that to a piece of wood only plastic or plastic siding
    And by all means please wear safety glasses

    1. I had no idea you could turn the blade around to cut plastic. What a GREAT tip. I don't have any safety glasses ... should have thought of that one too!!

  4. After rereading your post I think I I think I found your answer to the blonde Nancy next time go have lunch before you go
    Heck if I had my customers show up In high heels and short skirt theycan drive my truck anytime . But then that wouldn't do me any good most of the people I deal with are construction guys,,,,,,,,,where am I going with this O
    How to smooth the edges on the plastic
    Find an old pair of leather gloves
    Take a Rough 1/2 sheet of 120 grit sandpaper folded in fours and sand the living daylights out of it,,,, the edge that is
    Don't forget the round up The corners the best you can
    Joy your day

    1. Yeah I doubt those construction guys would look good in heels!! I'm learning so much!! I didn't know you could sand plastic with sandpaper. Thank you!!!

  5. I got so fed up with Home Depot that I walked out and never came back. Our local one always has boxes of stuff everywhere and I can never find anyone to help. I go to Lowes now. There customer service is much better.

    1. I think you're right Jan!! Lowes certainly has more service people in the store. It's a little further away for me, but definitely worth the drive when I need help!!!