Friday, January 16, 2015


With another rally under our belts at Twentynine Palms, it was time to meander on down the adventure highway to Yuma.  Instead of taking the normal route, Dan chose to cut across country on a not well traveled highway.  I think we saw four vehicles in over 100 miles!!
Once across the desert, we went through the mountains on another deserted highway, as I began to wonder where in the heck we were!!  I think we traveled East on Hwy 62, then South on 177.
Finally the mountains gave way to desert as we came into Hwy 10, headed to Blythe.
Just before scenic Blythe, we again took a turn South on Hwy 78 towards Yuma, through lots of green alfalfa fields.  
In no time at all, we were in Arizona, parked at our usual spaces and headed for Cracker Barrel.  Hey, it's hard work driving and we needed sustenance!!
You need to put your sunglasses on here, or the shiny brilliance will blind you!!  The first thing yesterday morning, we had Sam's Mobile Wash come wash and wax our rigs and wash the jeeps for $110.  I found out they will also wax the roof if you wish, so that tacked on another $50.  Isn't she pretty??? 
When the rigs were shiny and bright, we took off for Algodones Mexico for some shopping and meds.  It always makes me nervous to cross our borders ... I'm afraid they won't let me back in!!
Just as I clicked this picture, Patty and Dan mentioned there were no pictures allowed at the border.  Uh oh ......  Down this walkway and through the gate gets you into Mexico free, without passing GO!
We made a beeline for the taco stand for some deep fried shrimp tacos.  YUM YUM!!  Watch out for their sauces ... Dan says they are HOT!!!
They have a few tables set up next to lots of stuff for sale.  I always forget how many hawkers there are.  It gets annoying when 25 people ask you if you need a dentist!!  No, I don't need a dentist, I don't need glasses, I don't need any silver necklaces and I don't need any metal statues.  I'm looking for the rug store.  Oh, he'll just rip you off, they said.  That's a new one I've not heard before.
In a back corner, we found a nice handicapped young man selling dishes who wasn't pushy or hawking anything.  This is where I found a beautiful bowl for display in my kitchen.
Running the gauntlet, turning down six marriage proposals in return for a green card, we escaped the sellers and hit the Purple Pharmacy before joining the line waiting to exit Mexico.  The line was VERY short ... full of hawkers, but short enough we didn't have to say no too many times before passing across the border back to the U.S.   YAY ... they let me in!!!
A long walk down a covered corridor led us back to the parking lot.  No pictures please .....
Patty made us a great dinner of chicken, asparagus and salad, as we made plans to hit the famous Yuma Flea Market to see what we can't live without!!  I think I need a third stop at a bank for more cash!!


  1. Glad to hear the lines weren't bad. Do they happen to have a handicap lane?
    I don't know how long I could stand on the one leg.

    1. No handicapped lane Jan, but you could ride a scooter for sure!!

  2. We're going to the AZ Market today. Have fun.

    1. Darn Betty, we probably missed you. Went early, left early!!