Friday, January 30, 2015

Who Said It Never Rains In The Desert???

I'm floored!!  Never in my wildest dreams did I think it rained in the desert like it has the past 12 hours.  Wet stuff has been pouring down constantly since last night, enough that you need a good raincoat or you will get soaked!!  This should make the surrounding cactus VERY happy!!  My puppies, not so much!!  Cooper could care less, but Jessie refuses to get her feet wet!!

Patty and I made a quick trip back to Tubac yesterday to exchange one mirror and pick up another small flower pot.  While in the store, we heard someone talking about the "other" pottery store.  We couldn't pass an opportunity to check out something different, so off we drove to Old Tubac to find La Paloma.  What a treasure this part of town is!
They are not exactly kid friendly, but who can blame them.  I imagine they have swept lots of dollars up off the floor from broken pottery, many items of which are VERY expensive!!
The pieces were a little more pricey, but many were much more intricate in design.  Lots of items are from Peru, rather than Mexico.  We oohed and aahed over everything outside before going inside to view the "good stuff".
There were lots of interesting creations I've never seen before ... scenes with dozens of clay figures like this one.  It's a large tall box with Heaven depicted at the top and Hell at the bottom.  EEK!!!  I was afraid to ask!  There were many shelves loaded with clay figures, I suppose so you could made your own vignette.  
These tiles depicted a scene with Dia De Los Muertos, the holiday in Mexico where family and friends gather to remember and pray for their family members who have passed on.  
These skeleton figures are becoming quite popular in the U.S. to represent the dead in a playful way.  I have to say they DO have an attraction for someone like me that loves Halloween.  They even have a wedding cake topper, very reasonably priced, if you're in the market!!
Old Tubac has several adobe buildings, most in disrepair.  It looks like they have been rented out for businesses for years without the maintenance required to keep them up.
I hope the owners do everything they can to maintain this amazing history.  With all the rain we've had the last 12 hours, I'm surprised they are standing at all.
Back home, we played "now you see him, now you don't", as a cute not-so-little cottontail played at the side of the driveway.  He's on the left ... can you spot him??
As we slowly drove by, Patty rolled her window down so I could get a better picture.  Isn't he just cuddly???  Jessie hit the end of her lease yesterday in a brush pile, and I now suspect this is what she saw ... I of course saw nothing!!!
I think it's going to be a lazy TV-watching kind of day, since the rain is supposed to continue for several days ... DAYS??  It rains in the desert for days???  


  1. That rain will make the "blooming cactus" beautiful.

    1. You are certainly right there Jan. Glad to see your heel is healing!!

  2. I agree. We need the rain. Lynn Cross

  3. The rain should also bring out the flowers. It does rain in the dessert, it just doesn't rain that frequently. We once went to Death Valley after a wet spring and the dessert floor was covered with wild flowers. Hope you are lucky enough to experience there. If you do, I expect even you may max out your memory on your camera. Jim

    1. I expected a little rain, but this is crazy!! Right now, the only thing blooming is the rain clouds in Mexico!! It's supposed to stop Monday, so hopefully the flowers will go crazy too!!