Saturday, January 17, 2015

Arizona Marketplace .. You Know, The Yuma Flea Market

But FIRST ... here's a couple of pics of me with the big guns that Judy Rinehimer took.  They gave me an M4 at first, but when he mentioned machine gun on TOP of the Humvee, I dropped the M4 like a hot potato and crawled over the seats to stand behind a much BIGGER machine gun!!
It took a few tries to load this beast.  Yes, I was handed a string of .50 caliber bullets to load before racking (loading) the chamber.  It was much harder to pull back than I thought, but I finally got the hang of it, making it easier as we reloaded a number of times.  I know this is serious stuff, but I just had a ball!!!  I guess I won't moan and groan about my taxes so much, now that I see a lot of what it's being spent on!!
It has been pretty chilly at night, with a cool breeze blowing in the mornings, so we took our coats when we hit the flea market on 32nd Street.  It seems every year a few more vendors disappear.  Despite that, I made a bank stop to be sure I had plenty of cash.  In a couple of hours, the place was packed with people.
All the usual stuff was there, along with a few new stores.  In spite of not really needing anything, I came home with a windshield cleaner and a hose bibb splitter.
A very nice gentleman has opened a fabric store with lots of quilting supplies.  He even gave us directions to another quilt store in town as well as letting us know there was a Quilt SHOW in town.  Now THAT'S right up our alley!!  
The doggie shop has sadly lost their two puppies that slept on the counter.  Here's some dog carriers if you're looking for one to take your dog out shopping.  Personally, I think your dog would be happier at home!!  I did find a great collar and harness for Cooper however .. you can see it below.
Geriatric Karaoke was going strong.  In spite of a couple of ear-splitting renditions, some of the guys were REALLY good!!  You can sit and listen for about four hours if your ears can stand it!!
I finally found the small backpack-purse I've been looking for over three years, one that does NOT have a string-gather-tie at the top.  The matching wallet was small enough for my small purses, so I added it to the pile.
Here's Cooper in his new dog-bone collar and harness.  I've had this Gooby type before, but it didn't last long since the straps were too small.  This one is much beefier and fits Coop like a glove!!
We stopped in for a late lunch at Golden Corral ... the place was packed, as were the roads all around Yuma.  Doesn't anyone work in this town??  Guess it's all those snowbirds!!

While Dan hit the Tractor Supply store, Patty and I perused the really nice quilt store with lots of amazing fabric.  Here's just a couple of examples along with a book, saving 25% in the process.
Not the most adventurous day we've had, but today will be better.  Patty and I will make a run on the Quilt Show being held at the convention center!!


  1. I love the backpack purse. Just the right size.

    1. So glad to hear you are up and around Jan .... be careful with the knee scooter. One of my friends ended up with lots of back problems because she used it too much!!