Monday, January 5, 2015

Heading On Down The Asphalt!!

After resting up the last couple days in Glendale, it was time to start packing up and hit the road.
At least Cooper got his share of sleep!!
 Maybe THIS is why they are up at 5:00 every morning!!
I double checked my map and turned East towards the asphalt jungle of highways.  It being early on a Sunday morning, there wasn't much traffic to speak of!!  Perfect for traveling!!
With the temperatures a brisk 34, I was surprised to run into fog over the mountains.  The good news ... not even a breeze was blowing between the windmills.  Almost all were standing perfectly still, with just a couple barely moving.  
The mist hung close to the ground, giving the windmills an eerie feel.  I stayed on Hwy 210 the entire way until it broke off to Hwy 10 East.  With the exception of a couple Highway Patrol stopping speeders, it was a relaxing drive the entire way.
I was the first to pull in to the parking lot, which is thankfully still available.  I think this used to be a Sam's Club lot ... and it has been empty for at least the three years I've been coming to the FMCA rally.  Last year there were 20 rigs parked for the night, so we can stage for our mass arrival at the fairgrounds.  This time around there are only 14, due to health problems, scheduling glitches and accidents.  Yikes!!  I hope everyone is doing well and will return next year.
We were even given a nice sunset as a welcoming, along with a huge full moon so bright it was blinding!!  Twenty plus Golden Spike members had dinner at the Canton Bistro which was packed to overflowing.  They have great food and were very gracious in accommodating our huge group at the last minute.  Next year we promise we will call ahead!!!
This morning we will pull out in number order as we drive to the fairgrounds and are parked in our usual spot, close to the action for the annual free ice cream distribution!!  Getting ready to rock n roll ... NOT like day before yesterday when the earthquake hit.  I didn't want to scare anyone, but there was a small 4.0 that rocked my rig a little.  What else would you expect when you're sitting on an earthquake fault???

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