Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Last Sunset!!

Seems every year it gets easier and easier to cruise through the flea markets and "junk" for sale.  Honestly, I don't see how many of these people can make a living off this.  For some, I'm sure it's just a chance to get out of the cold in the North.  For others, as we saw yesterday, I'm surprised they even have enough money for food, let alone medical care and a decent place to live.  Apparently, that's the lifestyle they choose ... it's kind of like flower children in the desert instead of San Francisco!!

At any rate, we checked out the last couple of spots we visit every year.  These guys have a few more antique vehicles than before.  I sure wish I knew how to restore these babies ... I'd probably have one to putt around in.  Do you think it could be a tow car??
I KNOW this one won't work ... I'd have to trailer around the horses to pull it, but this buckboard is in pretty nice condition.  I think it was around $900, but it needed new tires.
One of my all time favorite sellers was here ... Joe and Evelyn Rangel from Gallup New Mexico.  He's one of the nicest guys you'd ever want to meet.  He will answer any question about turquoise and the mines you could possibly ask.  I've purchased from him before and probably will again.  Here's a map of the turquoise mines in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico.  Every mine produces a different color and appearance.  
This beautiful light turquoise with soft tan matrix comes from the Dry Creek Mine, actually discovered by the Shoshone Indians in the early 1990's.  When the original jewelry maker passed away, his family fought over the mine for years and it has since been closed.  This piece made by Two Feathers, is pretty rare and since yesterday, resides in my jewelry case.
Earlier I purchased a pair of earrings from another Indian jewelry dealer near the Big Tent.  They were made by Tommy Singer, another famous artist, who we were sad to hear just lost his life on his motorcycle from a suspected heart attack.  Here's another piece from the Santa Rita Mine in New Mexico that found it's way into my backpack.  Sneaky stuff, this turquoise!!  
Another one that just jumped into my purse was this more modern piece of Royston Mine turquoise and coral.  When we get to Tucson, I'll give you a little more information on turquoise ... it's a fascinating rock!!
Patty and I tried to hit the Gem and Mineral Show while Dan scarfed up some white cheddar popcorn, but he got caught when we discovered the show didn't start until today.  Not sure we are going to make it, since it's time to head out on another adventure.
It being our last night here, the desert gave us a show-stopper of a sunset.  I just can't get over the colors in the sky.  At one point we had a 360 degree sunset that was more spectacular than words.  Pictures just don't do it justice!!
Not only did we get a beautiful "goodnight", but we were serenaded by a pack of coyotes.  I sure hope everyone had their dogs INSIDE!!  One lone guy sang a single note on one side of me that was answered by 7 or 8 loud voices on the other.  It's just so cool to be in the desert!!
One last picture and we will be heading to Patty and Dan's home south of Tucson.  It's another place I have never been, so am looking forward to lots of new sights.  I'll be camping at the Last Chance Ranch for a couple of weeks before checking out Cottonwood and Lake Havasu City.  See you there!!


  1. Sorry we missed you guys. Tom is under the weather. After a trip to the urgent clinic, a run to Parker for meds, he is slowly getting past the strep throat and conjunctivitis. One miserable guy. See you in Havasu.

    1. Seems everyone has some kind of bad sick thing going on. Strep ... that's nasty stuff. Sure hope Tom feels better soon, Barbara. Sorry we missed you too!! I'm going to Tucson for a rest ... too much shopping in Q!!

    2. Sorry to hear Tom's sick. Hope he gets well soon. Nancy, your sunset pics are absolutely gorgeous! Love those AZ sunsets and missing them this year. Also looking forward to learning more about turquoise, especially the light variety.