Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blue Flames and Tula Pink ....

WHAT??  Yes, that was yesterday ... all day long ... blue flames and Tula Pink.  The day started on the internet trying to find the Pro-Com Blue Flame 10,000 btu propane heater with thermostat for my rig.  Apparently due to it's popularity, everyone is out of stock.  Dan Chance found the one I wanted at Northern Tools, but it was dual fuel and ran $250.  The propane-only runs $140-160.  I finally found this one ... the Ice House model.  All the specs said it was perfect for me, so I ordered it, along with the stand for another $20.

It was then that Dan came out and said "You didn't order that did you??"  Why yes, I just got off the phone.  "NO!!!!   The stand doesn't work with that model ... it has to be wall mounted."  Guess I missed that part, so I immediately called back and luckily got the order cancelled, so DON'T order this one!!  It's the WHITE one that will work for up to 300 sq. ft. and is light enough for me to move in and out of the rig.  If you want bigger, they DO have those in stock.

With the 38 degrees at night and the Vail gale approaching tornado status, I was really looking forward to a nice cozy heater.  So were my puppies ... I have to drag Jessie out the door!!!  She's not a fan of really cold wind!!!  The days however, have been beautiful ... 58-60 degrees.
With that problem settled ... or not ... Patty and I headed off to visit her favorite quilt store.  The Quilters Market has the friendliest people and were more than helpful!!  Besides, they also provide cookies and coffee!!  How cool is that??  I have a pattern I couldn't seem to find any fabric for, but with lots of help and input, I finally chose these.  Hopefully down the road I can show you the finished product.  This store even provides you with a map to all the other fabric stores!!  Nice I tell you ... nice people!!
Our next stop is where I met Tula Pink.  This is some wild and crazy, truly modern fabric created by a gal who calls it Tula Pink.  I know lots of people who buy just by name ... I buy what looks pretty!!  I know, terribly shallow of me, but up to this point, names didn't mean anything.  This one kind of changed my mind.  This lady makes up her own patterns and colors, sells it to a manufacturer and voila ... it ends up in a store.  What's interesting is the animals in the patterns.  The second one from the bottom looks like elephants ... turn it the other way and it's actually seahorses.  Weird, right??  It's a kick to look at each fabric and try to find the creatures.  I've never purchased anything like this EVER, because it's just not my style ... but I like going outside the box sometimes ... so we'll see how this turns out in a few months!!
We have several places on our list of towns to visit, including Tombstone, Bisbee (crossed off, but maybe added back on) and the Squirrel's Nest in Sierra Vista over the next few days.  I'm hoping to find a ghost town or two in the process.  

I forgot to mention the javelinas and pack rats.  Unfortunately, these aren't the stuffed kind I keep in the rig.  These are the real deal.  Dan and Patty, along with their pest control guy have pretty much taken care of the pack rats, thank goodness, but the javelinas came visiting under my rig, banging around enough to wake up both Jessie and I.  Cooper slept through the whole thing.  I contemplated for two seconds grabbing my camera, but it was too cold and windy to step outside.  They rooted around a little, ate the leftover bird seed on the ground and left enough scent to make Jessie AND Cooper go crazy in the morning!!  I'd LOVE to get some images, but don't hold your breath.  They're pretty camera shy!!

Not sure what's on the schedule for today ... but I know it's always an adventure and I can't wait to get started!!

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