Monday, January 26, 2015

Arizona Showing Her Stuff!!

This isn't the usual sunset picture ... this is the sunRISE yesterday morning as it started to peek over the mountains.  It was still cold and I was freezing, even with my heavy coat ... but I had to stay outside and watch until I was shivering like a scared puppy.  
A little later ... actually several hours later when it warmed up, I found these guys chowing down on the new seed block Dan put out yesterday.  I have no idea what they are, but they were very pretty and noisy as can be.  It didn't take long for several doves to join the breakfast table.
Off to the side, the Chance bed and breakfast for birds had no vacancies as dozens of beauties flew around the yard.  They have several feeders and bird houses on the fence that attract everyone within chirping distance!
Miss Snoopy kept a close eye on the goings on ... hoping one would mistakenly fly in the front door.  It didn't happen, so she played racehorse from the office, through the kitchen, through the living room to the bedroom where she wildly jumped in the air showing us what she would do if she DID catch one!!
Patty and I made a trip to the grocery store to pick up a couple of last minute items for dinner.  That was it for the day ... play with the puppies, watch TV, play with the puppies ........   Later in the evening, Dan's son Mark, his wife Shondra (hope I spelled that right) and granddaughter Laila came to dinner.  Dan barbecued while Mark and Laila gathered golf balls from the surrounding hills ... no idea where they came from!  Dinner was delicious as usual, with the best homemade coffee heath bar crunch ice cream EVER!!!

While eating, Shondra mentioned the sunset was looking pretty nice!!  OH NO!!  Where's my camera?  I raced outside, grabbed my camera from the rig and took several shots.  
It's just so spectacular ... words and pictures really can't describe it!!  50% chance of showers this morning, 80% chance by noon, so we might get a few drops today.  The good news is that it has warmed up considerably to a balmy 48 at night!!
With rain clouds on the horizon, I'll be out with the camera today.  I've seen lots of amazing cactus that's calling my name, as is one of the quilt stores in town.

I know all the guys out there want to know what the final outcome was of Dan's RV cover construction company problems.  This reporter will have the scoop, with pictures and an interview on tomorrow's blog!!!


  1. I enjoy watching the finches feed on my thistle sock Joe put up and I agree the sunrise AND sunset was beautiful!

    1. I could sit for hours and watch them, Betty. When we came home yesterday there were about 20 dove sitting on the fence too!! Very cool!!