Saturday, January 10, 2015

Only ONE Ice Cream Per Person!!!

Yesterday was the first day of the Ice Cream Social that I'm responsible for ... I'm the Ice Cream Captain!  I never in a million years thought I would have THAT kind of title!!  Around the FMCA Rally however, it's a BIG deal.  You can't imagine how crazy people can get over a free 50 cent ice cream bar.

I set up the delivery with Schwans out of San Bernadino, since they have no one local.  It's always terribly stressful since the one year when NO ice cream was ordered and there was pandemonium among the masses.  Believe me, you don't want to be around if that happens!!!  It's my good luck that the new Manager finally returned my call and confirmed delivery yesterday at around 10:00.  We don't really need the ice cream until 12:00, but I'm not taking any chances.  Dan and I met him at the back gate and drove to the appointed parking spot.  WHEW!! That's a load off my mind!!  These signs greet people at every table ... not that anyone reads them!!
At 11:15 the Golden Spike group began to show up for our annual Ice Cream Social picture.  
Finally ... we're ready to say cheese!!  This is a GREAT group ... and I'm so glad they accepted a single lady originally in a fifth wheel into their family.  There are many more group members who couldn't join us this year ... and we miss them!!  By 11:45 people were lined up around the block and at 12:00 the distribution began.  Each person gets only ONE ice cream, although they try all kinds of "tricks" to get MORE than one.  From ... "my 99 year old mother can't get out of the rig" to "my wife can't walk" and "my dog was eaten by an alien" ... even so far as to go change their shirt and get in line again!  If they have chocolate on their lips, we refuse the second (and sometimes third) bar!!  Thanks go to Miller Insurance Company who pays for ice cream for BOTH days!!
While all that is going on, Dan and I grab cases and deliver them to the various areas around the fairgrounds for those that can't get to the social ... like the vendors, the New Coach salesmen and the Tram Drivers, among others.  That done .... we're done!!  YAY!!!  Time to relax and gear up for the SECOND day of ice cream ... today!!

What better way to relax than to hit Harbor Freight, just a few doors down from the fairgrounds.  They were having a BIG sale this weekend ... but didn't seem to be crowded at all!!  Yes, there was the familiar smell of something like brake fluid at the front door!!
Some solar rope lights, air hose (not shown), connectors for the air hose and toad wiring, along with some extra electrical tape ended up in my basket.  I really needed the chain saw, but it was electric and I need gas.  
Back at the fairgrounds, Patty and I wandered through the booths again, looking up Davis Cabinets from Oregon.  They did a cabinet build for me last year, but we were never able to connect on the drawer pulls.  They were more than helpful ... the pulls will be ordered and if not shipped to me, I'll find someone who is home long enough to receive them.
Every girl needs a can of silicone ... I picked up TWO!!  Roadmaster goes around the entire fairgrounds, checking for their towing setups.  They service and grease every one they find, leaving you a note if there are any problems.  How cool is that??  Talk about good service!!  They found a problem with Dan Chance's tow bar.  They could have repaired it here, but in the end Dan worked a deal for a new one.  That good service could have diverted a messy costly accident!!
And because I left my favorite earrings home, I picked up another set of these interchangeable hoops.  TWO sets actually, as you can change them all around with the other two pair I already have.  A girl can never have enough earrings!!
Several of our group moseyed off to the Eagles music concert last night ... but I chose to relax.  Not really, because I ended up playing with the puppies all night before finally hitting the sack.  

Today will be the last Ice Cream Social for this year.  On Sunday this great group will clean up the ENTIRE fairgrounds ... with golf carts!!  You didn't think we walked the entire place, did you??  Mostly FMCA RV'ers are pretty neat and tidy.  This year shouldn't be near as bad as last year when 30 mph winds blew every piece of trash our direction.  With that done, we will head up to 29 Palms for another Golden Spike Rally and a tour of the Marine Base!!


  1. You had me waiting on edge to hear if the ice cream social went as planned.

    1. Luckily Jan, it did!! Good news also, I now have the Drivers name and personal phone number!!!

  2. Nancy, I am not sure if the murals still exists, but when you get up to 29 Palms, check out the sides of buildings....many murals. There may be a story behind each of them. Enjoy! Lynn Cross

    1. I will check it out Lynn ... now that I won't be so busy, I'll have time for pictures!!