Sunday, January 11, 2015

ONE More Ice Cream!!

Everyone got ONE more ice cream yesterday at noon, which ended our Ice Cream Social duties for this year.  YAY!!!!!  I'm SO glad it's over!!!  In all, our members gave out about 3,625 bars and cones, while Dan and I delivered to the various stops around the fairgrounds.  Many were so anxious to get their allotment, they came to the ice cream truck!!
As we drove off, the line was starting to build, eventually reaching a block long.  While we handed out the goodies, the Frustrated Maestros Polka Band played for the crowd.  
Bleachers are provided for the concert, which quickly filled to the top.  Really, I think they just wanted a good seat for the dog show that was scheduled next.  I'm not sure who won the "Out Of This World" costume contest, but there were plenty waiting in the wings.
Now that the work is out of the way, Dan went to get an insurance quote from Chris and Charles Yust.  They were able to beat his old policy by several hundred dollars, so it was well worth scouting them out.  Even if you THINK you have a great policy, Chris and Charles will be happy to give you a quote ... just to keep you aware of what's going on in the insurance business.  They also help with Good Sam Roadside Assistance.  I just renewed my policy for $179 ... they can process a renewal for $159 with an added 3 months free ... and really, it seems Good Sam sold me a premium policy that I don't really need, which means I could have saved over $40 a year on this alone!!
Definitely not as big a tent as in Quartzsite, but the tent here was full of vendors.  Just when you think you don't need anything else, you find something you can't live without!!  I didn't see our hand blenders this year however ... you can pass those by.  Even Patty and Dan's 7-yr old granddaughter thought IT was silly!!
I got all the info for a possible 4 weeks FREE stay in Northern Idaho-Washington.  These guys are selling lots, but if you are headed up the West Coast, why not drop in for a week or two and do some fishing and relaxing by the lake!!
Late in the afternoon, Patty, Betsy St.John and myself drove over to the College of the Desert Festival (flea market) ... and arrived just as they were tearing it all down.  DARN ... that could have been a gold mine of I-can't-live-without-it stuff!!!  But alas, they close at 2:00 and we got nothing!!  At least we know where it is for next year!!

It's fairgrounds cleanup time, which ends our obligations at this rally.  It may end sooner than they think if the rains fall as predicted!!  From here, it's pack it up, move 'em out ... we're headed to TwentyNine Palms where an even BIGGER group of Golden Spike members will meet for another rally!!

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