Friday, January 9, 2015


It began as any other day, breakfast for 30 people from my rig!!  Obviously that doesn't happen very often, and most of these nice folks don't know about my backyard graveyard.  With a little pre-prep we whipped out three dozen cinnamon rolls, a dozen blueberry muffins along with 40 breakfast burritos ... potatoes, bacon, cheese and egg ... and even included a few of the vegetarian kind.  When the power went out ... again ... we all stood looking at each other until Betty Simon said very matter of factly ... why don't you turn on your generator!!  It takes a cool head to manage a crisis!!!  

Yesterday I forgot to include this image ... look familiar??  No, we're not in Albuquerque .... but Applebees is opening another restaurant and this is just a little advertisement.  It should have been a red flag!!
The first hint of something amiss might have been the Rolls Royce parked in the vendor building.  Where have you ever seen a beauty like this??  Certainly not in an RV park ... and I'm telling you, it was SPOTLESS!!!  IMMACULATE!!  Something out of this world.  It's also an advertisement for their waterless cleaner.  Wow ... my rig can look this shiny??  Maybe I should take another look!!
As we walked around the building, these women's blouses jumped out at us ... rather unusual wear ... what's going on around here??
Another clue ... the LAST GLUE you'll ever need.  Did you ever glue anything together that didn't eventually fall apart??  Something is in the air, I'm just not sure what!!
Then we came upon this guy ... THIS should have been the red flashing light.  What sweet adorable puppy sits still, looking like the cutest stuffed animal in the world??  NONE, right??
We met with Miller Insurance while in the building and another clue raised its head, but we STILL didn't get the picture.  Not only did they have the signs that Dan Chance and Ken Carnes put up for the Ice Cream Social, but they had the APRONS!!  YIKES!!!
In the afternoon, the FMCA member parade takes place, so we gathered our chairs and moseyed off to find a viewing spot.  This was the last big clue ... another balloon in the late afternoon cruising the skies.  We were blinded and never saw it coming!!
As the entire Golden Spike group lined up to watch the parade .... IT HAPPENED!!
First a drone appeared ... taking pictures of us taking pictures.  The silver streamers were a dead giveaway.  ALIENS HAVE LANDED AND TAKEN OVER!!!  RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!
Some were all dressed in white, some had boxes on their heads to disguise their scary faces.  
They actually even drove their spaceship right down the street!!!  How could that be???  Run I tell you, RUN!!!
Unfortunately, we had to let this one stay ... she had her GREEN CARD displayed for all to see!!
They must be from Mars ... many were not only painted red with spiky red hair, but they threw out red candy that started to turn YOU red.  YES ... CANDY!!!  Be careful ... if you eat the candy, you will come under their control!!!  
There were even GREEN monsters with fuzzy wings!!!  I'm pretty sure we can outrun THESE creatures!!
 Some even took on the shape of my favorite dog the Schnauzer!!  RUN ... RUN!!!!!
And so we all ran back to the safety of our rigs where our party area is surrounded by magic red and white tablecloths that Aliens can't cross without melting!!   SAFE AT LAST!!
Lucky for us, it was just in time for our annual Pizza Party.  Thanks to Dan Chance and Dan St. John, who purchased these beautiful pizza pies in a two-for-one deal, we have money left over to purchase more magic tablecloths for safety!!
As we closed the last pizza box, I saw the space ships streak off through the clouds, headed back to Mars.  I guess they thought the world was inhabited by old folks, protected by magic tablecloths, and weren't worth the trouble!!!  WE LIVE TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAY!!!


  1. Cute post,great pictures.Nice meeting you yesterday.

    1. Nice to meet you also!! Hope we cross paths again and have time to chat!!

  2. Ha Ha! Where do you get those magic table cloths? I don't have any in my rig so I feel extra vulnerable. Both of those balloons look familiar from ABQ, but I could not name them. Have a great rally. How much grease did you have the other day from all that bacon? Jim

    1. Jim, magic tablecloths can be purchased on ... they come in pretty handy for repelling various critters!! We cooked 4 racks of bacon and probably had enough grease to last me two lifetimes!! Sorry, it all went in the trash!!