Friday, January 2, 2015

It Was A Football Kind Of Day!!

New Years morning, I got up, entrenched myself on the couch and watched the Rose Bowl Parade.  Sure was fun seeing our floats finished, and two of them received trophies!!  YAY for all the hard work we volunteers put in!!!
Once that was over, everyone started packing up.  Talk about bringing everything including the kitchen sink ... one guy had his car packed to the brim with buckets, ladders and plants.  He towed the car behind his fifth wheel trailer.  I didn't know you could do that in California!!  There is one couple and myself left.  They are visiting family with medical problems, so will probably remain another few weeks.  Thanks to the Elks for letting them stay here at no charge!!

After saying goodbye to Cyndae, Joe and Katie, I entrenched myself on the couch with some snacks and water for the marathon college football games.  I don't usually watch the college games, but hey, it's the Rose Bowl ... and this game was one to watch.  The Oregon Ducks kicked butt pretty good, including a fabulous play where fullback McGowan, one of the biggest guys on the team who usually blocks other players, changed positions to become a tight end, caught the football and ran (not very fast) to the end zone for a touchdown!!  Boy were those guys having fun with THAT play!!!  At any rate the Ducks won.  Time to go shopping before the next game!!

This area is still decked out in its finest for Christmas and Santa's barn with Shrek is still standing.  When did Shrek and Donkey meet Santa Claus??  Anyway, I imagine this will all disappear quickly.
Here's my store ... can you guess??  It's kitchen gadget heaven ... Sur La Table ... and only half a block from where I'm parked!!  Although I love LeCruset, I didn't purchase any.  I already have one small dutch oven, which is all the weight I need in the rig.
HOWEVER ..... They did have a few small things on sale!!  Mostly Christmas things that didn't interest me, but my main objective was a nice 8" kitchen knife for the rig.  It's on the left ... a Kramer, made by a hippie-type guy ... actually they call him a "free spirit" ... from Oregon.  They even let me chop up a potato.  Let me tell you it was like a hot knife through butter!!  This is even better than the one I have at home.  Not cheap mind you, but it's SO worth having a good knife.  Most of the other miscellaneous things will stay in the rig, including the cupcake cutter (bottom left) for cutting out the centers in order to stuff them with MORE frosting!!!  The cookie cutters will be stashed until next Christmas.
Back at the rig, we three stayed on the couch for another couple of hours watching Ohio beat Alabama.  Another shocker ... Alabama is hard to beat!!  The final playoff game will be the Ducks against Ohio for the College Championship!!  Might be a fun game to watch.  Be sure and have your sunglasses handy ... those Ducks uniforms are pretty fluorescent!!!

Today I'll take a walk through Target.  Have you ever seen a Target with FOUR floors???  There's GOT to be something there I need ... including a puppy brush ... I left Coopers home and he's a hot mess.  So where is the closest quilt store you ask??  Hahahaha  I have it scoped out and on my map for Saturday!!!

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