Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Nice Quiet Start ...

Since New Years went out with a BANG ... working until we were exhausted ... I decided to start 2015 nice and slow with a shopping trip to Macys!!  Good thing I went early, because by 10:30 the place was packed to the brim!!  With a couple of blouses 70% off in my bag, I headed to target for that doggie brush.  Southern California, or at least Glendale, is serious about the "no plastic bag" measure.  In fact, you have to take your OWN bags with you everywhere you go here.  If not, you will be charged.  I think I've spent over a $2.00 on bags in 5 days!!  I mean, really, when you're all dressed up to go try on clothes, the last thing you think about is WAIT .. I need to pack a bag!!

From there I tried to air up the tires on my Jeep at the gas station.  Has anyone ever tried that??  For 75 cents, it sucked another 8 pounds of air OUT of the tire!!  Yes, I have a small air compressor, but I have yet to use it.  I was hoping some nice gentleman would show me first, so I didn't blow myself up!!  A quick stop at Ralph's garnered a ton of groceries and another $2.00 worth of bags.

My timing couldn't have been better!!  When I pulled into the parking lot, the gentleman and his wife who are staying in the other rig, asked if I needed propane.  How did you know????  He had just called the truck, that would be arriving within 10 minutes.  How lucky is that??  We now both have enough to keep warm the next couple of days until the weather changes.  From 36 at night to 60 during the day, it hasn't exactly been comfortable.  My bed has a bedspread, a down blanket, a wool batting quilt, a crocheted afghan, another down blanket (doubled over) and a big dog blanket on top.  I think an electric blanket is in order!!

Did I mention I have one GFI in the bathroom that won't reset??  Along with one bank of plug-ins where my computer sits, dead as a doornail.  I've hit every reset button and breaker I can find, to no avail.  I called Tiffin, but they have given their employees a long holiday.  I'm getting along okay without them, it's just a pain to work around.  I'm sure when I hit Indio with 16 RV guys around, we'll come up with a solution!!

Next on the list, the Jeep tires.  I asked my neighbor if he had used a portable air compressor, maybe he could help me.  Instead, he said to pull the Jeep in front of his rig, he would use his air pressure system.  PERFECT!!  How nice was that??  RV people are just SO nice!!  Now I will see how to use the one I have on MY RV.  Easy peasy ... all the tires are aired up ... and I'm pretty sure the connections I have for my portable compressor will work that way too!!  I guess I will never quit learning all there is to know about these beasts!!

A quick trip to the one and only quilt shop I could find, took me down Colorado Boulevard along the parade route.  My oh my!!  Every single square inch is still taken up by grandstands!!  They fit right over the lawns, bushes and trees, allowing everyone a good view.  That's crazy!!  I wonder who pays for all that stuff??  It's also the "ritzy" part of town, with store after store of shoppers looking for year end bargains.  I didn't find much at the quilt store, only a couple of patterns.   The puppies and I spent the rest of the evening watching the tube.  No wonder they are always up so early in the morning!!
It's another football playoff day, which I'll probably spend in the rig.  Much as I would like to venture out, it's a long drive to anywhere ... Walmart, Harbor Freight, Frys ... all the good stores are miles away from Glendale!!  The Cheesecake Factory however, is just a short one block hike, and is calling my name!!

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