Monday, January 19, 2015

Quartzsite ... Home Of The Big Tent!!

We left Yuma around 9:30 am, fueling up at a Chevron Station for $2.49 a gallon.  We're lucky we got in the station Dan had scoped out the day before, since "someone" stepped on the gas instead of the brake and ran into the building.  Most of the pumps were closed off and the entire display of pepsi was on the floor inside.  Glad we missed THAT excitement!!
We pulled in to our usual spot a few miles outside town and set up camp.  I have many more images, but like always, the internet service here is like little waves on a lake (in and out, in and out) ... dial-up style.

While sitting in the rig I noticed these two setting something up maybe 80 feet from our rigs.  You've got to be kidding me .. it's a ROCKET!!  And not a small one!!!  What are these people thinking??  They are this close to OUR rigs, not to mention theirs and many other in the vicinity!!  It tilted dangerously our direction, almost falling over before he grabbed it and set it back up.
They stood back and set it off faster than I could get a picture.  Thank goodness it shot into the air towards an open spot.  Apparently it was a two stage rocket ... it was supposed to break apart, ignite again and go higher, then float down with a parachute.  The operative word here is SUPPOSED to!!!  It immediately made a big arc and came screaming down to the ground where it exploded in a blast of sparks and smoke, blowing itself to smithereens!!!  Thank goodness it didn't come down on someone's motorhome roof!!!  Idiots I tell you ... idiots are everywhere!!
Since their rocket was smashed, the weekend warriors left and we headed to the Big Tent!!  It seems about the same as last year, including a few empty spots here and there.  The weather couldn't be more perfect ... it's cool and slightly breezy.
I didn't see quite as many puppies as last year either ... this poor baby was shaking in his boots!!  Kind of has a Cujo look on his face!!
The usual fair fare of corn dogs and pulled pork smelled delicious, making us all hungry!!
Flo is back with her Road Trip game ... hit the golf ball into the tunnel, it rides up to the top of the 19th hole in an RV and drops down the map of states, coming out a hole in the bottom.  If it falls into the orange cup, you get a hula girl for your dash.  Otherwise, you get a spectacular Progressive air freshener for your rig.  Hoorah!!!
As we wandered around the outside first, we saw many more Work Camping recruiters than ever before.  If you want to be a camp host, there's hundreds of job available to sign up for.
Finally inside the tent, there were a couple of new booths.  I don't remember these candy apples, which got my sweet tooth salivating!!  YUM YUM!!!
Here's one I don't remember ... STUN GUNS!!  With my luck, the battery would be dead just when I needed it, and I certainly don't need something ELSE to weigh down my purse!!
Here was the best booth of all.  This is a 6 week old baby Sugar Glider.  They come from tropical areas like Australia and are the cutest thing I've seen in ages!!  They sleep during the day, so this little guy was napping in his hand.  
This one is his baby and lives in his shirt pocket.  Being nocturnal, he sleeps most of the day, except when drug out to show to the tourists.  They become quite bonded to you, so each time he brought him out, he ran right back to the shirt pocket for some shut-eye.  For a measly $400, you too can have a sugar glider, along with another $300 worth of cage and supplies.  Oh ... and they do much better if there are TWO of them together!!  Cutie patooties ... but I'm sure Jessie would chomp him at the first chance!!
Lastly, we came upon the great MIRACLE Whisk ... the one that Dan and I bought at FMCA last year.  Big mistake ... BIG!  Don't buy this!!  They make it look easy peasy to use, but it's not.  Mine has been in the drawer all year.  I used it once for scrambled eggs, but it took longer to wash than to use.  I won't tell you what we paid ... it's embarrassing!!
Patty made the best ever tortilla chicken soup for dinner while Dan built a nice fire outside.  The weather couldn't be more perfect.  There was a little bit of a sunset, but I've uploaded enough pictures for today ... it just takes too long.  I'm ready for another adventure ... flea market shopping!!


  1. I bought two of those "magic squeegee" brooms last year. Never used it.

    1. Don't say that!!! Lol. I used mine in the rig. Works great!!

    2. Glad to see you are getting around okay Jan!! Sorry I missed you in Q.

  2. Glad to see you finally have perfect weather after your Rose Bowl experience. Jim