Monday, August 25, 2014

Enjoying Sunday In Maine!!

Laundry ... Knit ... Laundry ... Knit!!  You wouldn't think that would necessarily bring a smile to your face, but I've been smiling every morning because I've slept every night ... for the most part anyway, and that's worth a smile to me!!  This Red Barn RV park has been VERY quiet ... even over the weekend.  Yes there are children AND dogs!!  With the exception of this morning, they have all been quiet as a mouse.  That certainly makes Maine much more enjoyable!!

Then there was all the yarn and roving I purchased ... that brought a BIG smile to my face!!  I even had to make a trip to pick up another container to hold it all!!

Laundry ... not so much, although it's nice to have full hookups so I can do most of it right here in the rig.  Not all at once mind you!  My machine is a front load and uses little water, but I wouldn't want to overload any septic system, so I'm careful about when I run the washer.

Having an afternoon to practice my knitting brings a smile to my face, at least until I mess it up!!  Frustration takes the smile away, but it's only temporary, because my little puppy Cooper will bring it back with some silly antic of his!  Yesterday he teased Jessie until she played racehorse around the rig.  Pretty hard not to laugh at that!!

When I stopped in to check on Barbara's new computer, SHE was smiling big time as she transferred things from the old to the new.  Another smile-bringer is Pansy ... she's just the sweetest kitty that comes to greet you every time with a smile herself, looking for rubs and pets!!

A trip to the grocery store yesterday brought belated smiles when I chowed down on that strawberry/blueberry shortcake I made!!  THAT smile disappeared quickly into a frown this morning when I stepped on the scales however.  So much for eating the rest of the week!!!

This morning I smiled big time when I read Nick's Blog about John Barresi being in York Pennsylvania for a kite flying clinic that Nick will be able to attend.  John is literally the world's best kite flyer ... and his skills at making a kite dance across the beach, convinced us both to purchase Revolution kites.  Have fun Nick ... I know YOU'LL be smiling a lot!!

All in all, Maine has been very enjoyable.  Lobster, yarn, roving, antiques, all made better by the company I've been keeping with the Westerfields!!  It was a perfect Sunday!!

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