Thursday, July 25, 2013

What To Do .. What To Do ... At Cummins Northwest

It's been an absolutely boring day ... for once.  Patty and Dan took off early to get their windshield replaced, while I went through the truck wash.  Yes it did clean off lots of gunk, but left lots of scratches.  You KNOW three guys aged 19-20 aren't going to do a great job, but it's better than it was. Since then, I've been parked at Cummins Northwest (Coach Care) (with a complimentary 50 amp service including water) while I wait for my appointment this morning.
I got my new spinning wheel out and wasted a few ounces ... actually it IS useable ... I'll crochet something my puppies will love!!!  That will be a good test of the strength.  I've watched marathon 48 Hours, Home Cooking shows and NCIS.  I don't feel comfortable leaving the puppies for very long in this 90 degree heat, even though the AC is working.  So here I sit ..................... except for those 12 trips to the fridge.
Once both our rigs are serviced and repaired, we will be heading for the Oregon Coast where it should be 20 degrees cooler!!

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