Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fabulous Florence Oregon!!

It's our "shopping" day in Florence, so Patty, the ice chest and I headed out to find the local Farmers Market.  We seem to be starving for fruits and vegetables, having lacked anything fresh in Alaska.  We hit pay dirt down in Old Town, where a local farmer has plots (plum/apricot cross), every kind of squash imaginable, green beans, corn, tomatoes ... and marionberry pies.  I bought TWO!!
Vegetables stashed away, we decided to check out both kitchen stores, where I scored!  Not cheap mind you, but things I had been looking for, like a collapsible strainer and a salt grinder.  I found a solar powered chime for the RV, but decided that dinging constantly as I drove down the road probably wouldn't be a good idea.

Across the street is the bridge that you drive over coming into Florence on Hwy 101.
We stopped at two quilt stores and found more beautiful fabrics.  I'm going to have to open a store at my house to sell all the fabric I have purchased on this trip.  At the very least, I'm turning one of my bedrooms into a fabric room!!!

Back at the mobile ranch, we latched on to Dan and drove North to the Heceta Head Lighthouse.  It's quite a walk up to the lighthouse proper, which we did not do.  Definitely bring your jacket with you every day.  The towel in the back seat just wasn't enough for me!!
There are many more antique stores here that we did not check out ... I get depressed that the "antiques" are what I use everyday at home!!  One more day here at the Elks park, where neither Sprint nor AT&T phones work, and we will again head North.

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