Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pacific Coast Camping -- NEWPORT OR !!

Dan said we're not in a hurry ... but by 9:00 yesterday morning, we dumped the tanks at the Elks Park (which I highly recommend ... the park that is) and turned North towards Newport.  Sections of the road are very narrow with overhanging rocks and bushes, so hang to the left.  Especially when going through the tunnels ... you see the sign, but it doesn't register that the curved roof is MUCH lower on the right hand side.
There's nothing like driving the beautiful coast on Highway 101!!  We didn't have far to go, about 50 miles, but what a drive!!  It was hard for me to keep my eyes on the road!!
Just before Newport is Whalers Rest Thousand Trails park where we plan to stay two weeks.  Totally hidden away, you would never know there is a huge park here.  It paid to get here this early too ... although people don't have to leave until noon, we had a great bit of luck that in the North section which has full hookups with 50 amps, one space was empty and one camper just pulled out.  We backed right in ... and there are NO TREES so we both have TV.  My MiFi seems to be working, although rather slow.  Dan's doesn't want to connect but the lodge with WiFi isn't far away.
By now, it's LUNCH time ... which I never miss!!  We headed out to a rather scruffy looking place called South Beach Fish Market.  The line was out the door, but the service was extremely fast.  On top of that, they have great fresh fish and crab to purchase and cook yourself.  I see crab and halibut on my plate in the near future!!
Here's the halibut, seven pieces minus two Dan already consumed.  Mine was gone before I could get a picture!!!  Patty had a crab cocktail, but watch out for the sauce ... it's mighty spicy!!
Of course Patty and I made a quick stop at the quilt store ... the one and only here.  Not much in the way of fabrics, they concentrate on applique quilting patterns ... some of the most unusual and beautiful I've ever seen.  Unfortunately, there is WAY too much work involved in this type of quilting for me since the patterns are very detailed.  I did pick up one simple pattern called Totem Tales ... it has totem designs (each image tells a story) by Tlingit Wood Carver Tommy Joseph.  It's very interesting to know the story behind the designs ... which come from Alaska.  

We'll be tourists today checking out the local sites, including an aquarium.  For now, there's lots of washing and drying going on!!

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