Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Waiting Game .... Then on to Florence OR

I'm not good at it--the waiting game!!    I checked in at the desk for the third time, and finally around 8:15, someone came to my rig to go over the problems.  I had totally forgotten about the dogs and what I would do with them.  No problem, it should only be a few hours.  That was my first mistake she said laughingly!!

I started out in the waiting room, but Patty and Dan were in the same room with their kitty Gracie.  Jessie just wouldn't let it go, so I went outside, put the dogs in my vehicle and sat in the shade.  At 2:30 they came to tell me the jacks worked fine ... figures, but at least I had Dan's backup on this one!  I had passed the time by reading all morning ... my second mistake.  When the phone is dead, you can't make a call for some help with the dogs while you hit the restroom.

By 4:15 I'm pretty tired of sitting on the concrete in the 95 degree heat (no more shade for the car).  When he finally brought my rig back at 4:45, he told me about the nice dog park a couple miles away where I could have spent the afternoon.  If I had known it would take over 8 hours to do a service, I would have asked, but I didn't ... my third mistake.  It's just part of the learning curve about RV's ......

Next morning we were off to the nice cool coast of Oregon, about 55 miles.  I-Phone pics just don't do it justice.  The Suislaw River, shown here, was pretty low due to the tides, which extend way up river.
The only Thousand Trails Park here is South Jetty.  Previously, spaces were tight with tons of trees (cool but no satellite TV) and 30 amp spaces.  When Dan said he was looking for a 3-day parking space, I suggested the Elks Park.  As a member, I have a book listing every Elks RV park on the West Coast, and there are LOTS of them.  This one in Florence has 50 amp pull-thru sites with water and a dump station (which I already discovered since I took a wrong turn) and fairly good WiFi for $20.  Notice the "lack" of trees by Dan's site .. he has TV.  Notice the BIG trees by my site ... NO TV.  They do have cable here, so I hooked that up, but alas it's not working.  John Wayne's gonna be my buddy for the next three days.
A quick drive through the South Jetty TT proved they have upgraded some sites to 50 amp (for a fee) and there were several available, although not pull-through.  Next door is the local sand dune staging site for raging male hormones ... however I was surprised to see several women, one with maybe a 4 year old sitting in front of her.  Scary ..... anyway, we were entertained for a few minutes by the pickup truck at the top of the hill, with the rear wheels buried.  Shovel in hand, the driver was trying to dig himself out as lots of onlookers stood by offering advice.
We came by an hour later and he was gone ... in the meantime, we checked out the bay.  Very windy and cold here at the mouth of the river, as you can see by the whitecaps!!
Just over these dunes is the Pacific Ocean ... you can't tell in the image, but the wind is blowing the grass and making it look like moving velvet.
As usual, we're starving, so we tried for reservations at the Elks recommended Waterfront Depot Restaurant, but nothing was available until Sunday night.  So Mo's it was ... great clam chowder and even better halibut fish and chips.  Skip the fish tacos!!
A few minutes on the internet determined our stops for today ... two quilt shops (I'm pretty sure we have the Guinness World Record now ...) one yarn shop and a great farmers market!!  I'm looking to purchase Marionberries for jelly!!!  Just another day in Paradise!!!

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