Monday, July 29, 2013


Now I realize everyone's idea of treasure may be different ... some seek diamonds, some seek gold, but Patty and I seek sticks and stones.  I'm sure you have seen those crazy people out on the beach, bent over and picking at the sand.  Yup ... that's Patty and I!!  You'll be thankful that I didn't capture us doing that with my camera.  What I did capture is MUCH prettier (no offense Patty)!!
It's just fun to walk along the beach looking for treasure.  One day it just might be something good!!  In the meantime, we are looking for perfect pieces of driftwood to make hanging mobiles.  When we get to the next Thousand Trails park, I'll get out my drill and show you an example.  People really do pay good money for things like that, not that we plan on selling, because it's a nice reminder of the time we spent here.  This is what the local store looks like.  It's funny how we find ourselves getting really picky about what we pick!!
In the meantime, you get to see ocean-made sights like this one.  Pretty amazing that the receding tide can make such beautiful images in the sand.
This is also ocean-made, even though it runs horizontal to the ocean.  The way the tides come and go, makes for this interesting architecture in the sand behind the sticks and rocks.
Once our bags were full, we headed back to the RV park.  Along the way we stopped for a couple more shots of the lighthouse, when one gentleman asked if we saw the sea lion.  Here he is ... not really sure if he is lounging on his back for the sun or because he's not breathing any more.  Even though I enlarged this many times, I still can't tell.  Pretty sure I've never seen one on his back however.
For dinner, we had received an excellent recommendation for the Waterfront Depot Restaurant in Florence from the local gals at the Elks Park.  Reservations are a must and it took two days for us to get in.  It was worth the wait ... even the 30 minute wait for our table ... because the crab encrusted halibut was amazing and only $14.00, including a caesar salad.  At that price, we also had crab cakes, crab stuffed mushrooms and clam chowder.  It was the best seafood I've had in a long time!!!  And the Oregon Berry Cake was a nice end to the meal.  No pictures .. we inhaled everything too fast!!!

Back at the RV park, I watched Jurassic Park Lost World for the 10th time.  I've seen every Mummy movie, every Jurassic Park, Ice Age and two of John Wayne's 20 on this DVD.  Definitely hoping for satellite at the next Thousand Trails park in Newport where we are going this morning.  I understand there is no WiFi except in the lodge ... so we may miss a blog day or two.

Moving on .........

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