Monday, July 22, 2013

Heading to Coburg Oregon!!

Here we are at the Mt Vernon Thousand Trails park, where the berry vines and trees make for completely enclosed parking areas.  I could have parked back another 20 feet if not for the overhanging trees.   No TV in these sites, but they are very private.
Pretty dirty cars ... from the construction and rain in both Alaska and Canada on the return trip.  Hopefully now that we are here in Coburg, we will find a car wash.  We already located a truck wash for the RV's!!  What a mess they are!
There was quite a bit of high fog when we left on I-5.  I wasn't looking forward to driving the freeways of Seattle at all.  Our original plan was to take the ferry, but after I checked out the website and discovered many of the crossings had been cancelled due to low tide, we trashed that plan.  The new plan was to head straight south to another Thousand Trails park, not too far away.
Downtown Seattle ..... it takes some doing to keep up with the Chance rig, especially when there are so many Sunday drivers and I don't know where we are going!!
Portland was even worse.  I've never seen such a mess of bridges, freeways, construction, new bridges, rough roads .... whoever designed this mess must have had too much caffeine that day!!
Finally ... good road and long straight stretches so I can relax.  In the end however, the new NEW plan was to bypass Thousand Trails, just hit it hard and keep going for another four hours straight to Coburg.  I have to admit that I have a new respect for RV drivers.  It may look like they are just sitting there relaxing, but it's soooo much more work than driving a car or pickup.  I'm tired!!!!
We are now parked at a nice, quiet park called Eugene Kamping World where the nice young man at the counter could actually multi-task and got us taken care of in record time!!  50 amp full hookups.  So now it's time to clean and clean and clean ... my least favorite thing to do!!!  On Wednesday I will head over to Coach Care to have the rig serviced and the jacks repaired.  In the meantime, are there any quilt shops around here???  Thought I forgot, huh???

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