Thursday, February 14, 2013

Up Early .... Butt Calls!!

You would think when I delete a post, it would delete it everywhere, and not still show up on someone else's site ... where you click on it, and are taken to a page saying nothing is there.  Really Blog Site??

Sorry for the confusion.  I wrote a post about having gotten up at 5:30 am because of a "butt call" (accidental call from the last person you left a message for).  Such a boring post ... so I included a message attributed to Bill Cosby that I received from the internet, about being tired of paying the bills for lazy people who didn't think they should work for a living.   In the end, I deleted the post ... mostly because it was a little "in your face" about the subject.

It appears now that the title and front page remain on blog sites other than mine, but the blog does not.  Sorry folks ... when I get time, I'll rewrite the post in a more acceptable manner and try again.

Until then,  Happy Trails !!!!

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