Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pretty Quiet at Buzzards Roost!!

Not much has been going on here.  A case of something that made me hungry one minute and sick the next, has kept me close to the fireplace.  There's not been enough snow to encourage me back on the ski slopes, but I guess there has been snow in Arizona???  Really??  I didn't know the desert had snow.  What there HAS been is lots of C O L D !!  When it gets in the 20's, I feel bad for the horses, so I'm out every night blanketing them.  Not that they really need it, it just makes ME feel better.  Remy wouldn't take his head out of the feed trough long enough for a picture, but Showby said "cheese"!!
I've been told that Labs are made for the cold ... but Caitlan is getting up there, somewhere around 84 in people years.  I hope when I'm that old, someone will bring me in out of the cold.  Her arthritis is getting pretty bad and I imagine the temperature doesn't help at all.  Since she has always been an outside dog, she is relegated to the kennel for the night, which she doesn't seem to mind at all.  Yup ... that's a special therapeutic pad she sleeps on!!!  I'm guilty of spoiling my babies!!!
Good news this week!!  The concrete crew is through with their two week pour (I can't imagine what that cost!!) and are coming to my house tomorrow to frame.  Everything green here will be covered with about 32 yards of concrete.   The dog kennel and its shade cover will be moved to the far right of this picture  with the hay stacked in front, leaving a nice long straight-back parking place for the RV.
Matt is an old (although young) friend who does major dairy construction in this part of California.  I'm totally in his debt for doing this small job for me.  To make it even better, he saw two broken rails on my fence ... I'll fix that ... the falling-over fence with my neighbor ... I'll fix that ... and anything else you need, just let me know!!  I'm always amazed to see young people nowadays with a sense of responsibility and willingness to help!!

I've been working on a small blanket for the RV since going on a yarn spree while in Yuma.  I'm pretty sure it will turn into a puppy pillow at some point, so I took this picture to remember what it's "supposed" to look like.  This done, I'm ready to break into the stash of yarn I bought for my Alaska trip.  Course that means another trip to the yarn store!!!

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