Friday, February 15, 2013

Coffee and Fire Exits!!!!!!

It didn't used to bother me, being home for a couple of months.  Seems I always had lots to do.  THIS time it's different, and time is passing VERY slowly!!  Ugh .....

Patty told me they probably don't have my "phony" coffee in Alaska.  Orange cappuccino doesn't appeal to everyone.  So I got right on the internet and ordered 12 cans for now and will order more later.  My RV will be a rolling coffee house.  Along with that, six cans of mosquito spray ... just kidding, I only got two!!
When in Indio, I mentioned that I went to the Fire Safety seminar given by Mac the Fire Guy.  One of the main points of his presentation was to actually open the fire exits in your RV at least once a year so you become familiar with how to get out.  He explained how the windows can basically become glued shut ... but with opening and cleaning, they will remain readily openable (is that a word???).  

Yesterday, I did just that.  I went in and tried to open my two fire exit windows.  Being a rock climber, I'm pretty strong for a woman ... you can imagine my surprise when they didn't open.  My rig is only a year old, and I did NOT expect them to be stuck shut.  I have to tell you, it took LOTS of effort and four really hard bangs with both hands, to get the seal to break on BOTH exits.  I'm thinking if I was in a fire situation, that would be enough to make me panic.  I cleaned the seals and closed them, opening them again easily just to check.  

I know the guys think it is no big deal to open these, just give them a swift kick.  What if your wife is in the RV alone and a fire starts?  Wouldn't you want her to be able to get out??  Well, some of you maybe not ... but seriously, PLEASE have your wives, children and grand children open these windows themselves.  Let them practice so they will not panic in a fire situation.  I promise you will be surprised at how hard it is for them to do.  They don't necessarily have to crawl out, just know how to open the window.  A fire may not ever happen to you ... but you never know!!!  Come on ladies .. open those windows!!!!! 
One of the events that comes around every year in my life is the San Francisco Giants baseball season schedule comes out, giving me time to create a ticket-selling spreadsheet.  I have made noise in the past about wanting to sell the seat license (it's like a piece of real estate ... you actually OWN the seats), but I only had one $400 offer (asking price $9000).  You actually can put them up for sale on the Giants website now, which I did this year.  Amazingly, I got 5 offers immediately for the asking price ... maybe I should have asked for more.  

That same day, wouldn't you know, my skiing buddy called and asked if he could buy them.  After some wrangling, I got the on-line ad pulled.  It was immediately followed by an email offering an additional $1000.  Usually, I would take the money ... but this time, I know my friend has always wanted to be a Season Ticket Holder and I would still have access to the tickets.  I decided to pay it forward.  After several hours of phone calls and paperwork, I am no longer a Season Ticket Holder.  It was a good move for me ... more than enough to pay for the RV cover, and I don't have to spend hours selling, collecting money and passing out tickets for the next 6 months!!!  YAY!!!

I'm headed to Fresno next week for the recall and Sacramento the week after for a CD player replacement by La Mesa RV.  I think a trip to the Sacramento Railroad Museum is in order!!

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