Sunday, February 17, 2013

Burrito!! Burrito!!

Stuffed little morsels of sweet goodness!  Meet Shadow and Jackpot!!  Cutest EVER!!!!!
I learned on one of our Golden Spike trips that 'D' and Bill Hall live in the same general area as I do.  Being a horse lover, Patty had told me several times about 'D's babies.  I thought she meant the two Westies, but come to find out 'D' owns two of the cutest mini burros.  She calls them burritos!!!  I couldn't wait to meet them ... so yesterday I made the trip to their ranch.

'D' with her moon boot (foot surgery) hobbled out to the back pasture and called them in.  About 24-30 inches tall, they are fully haired up for the winter, just like my horses.  Soft and fuzzy, they loved having their heads rubbed ... but in the picture above, mom Shadow was keeping an eye on several horses that had passed by earlier.  Burros, donkeys and mules are great watch dogs!!

Once they figured out Bill had some yummy hay cube snacks, they came running.
I forgot my big camera, but as an old photographer once told me, the best camera is the one you have in hand ... my i-phone.  Pretty hard to take pictures of something only 24 inches tall!!

Once I had my burrito craving satisfied, we went to lunch at Me 'N Eds Pizza.  The food was awesome, as was the company!!  'D' and Bill both gave me more motorhome tips and showed me a computer program most of you probably already have, called Streets and Trips, as well as the Good Sam Club 20 pound book full of RV sites in the US.  These resources will come in handy planning a trip for next month.  I also left with a bag full of wonderful juicy oranges from their tree.  I am continually amazed at how nice "RV" people are and I look forward to seeing them at the next rally.

One last Burrito kiss and I headed back home.

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