Friday, February 22, 2013

Getting My Pour On!!

At long last the concrete pour is on for my new "storage building".  Here is the before picture.  The plan is to move the dog kennel and stack of hay to make room for a hay barn.  Okay, really it's for my RV!!
Yesterday they showed up bright and early to clear out the grass and set the forms.  See the green horse blanket on the gate?  That's because my horses broke the cross bar.  My contractor Matt said he had several extra vinyl boards, and they replaced all the broken ones for me.  What a great guy!!!
I moved the RV out into the road, surrounded by my newly purchased collapsible cones at 7:00 am.  By 7:05 the guys were ready for the concrete truck.
It took some maneuvering to get the chute in the right position ... I just kept my eyes closed as the truck backed through my rock pillars ... and the pour began.  It's amazing how fast it all goes, and how hard these guys have to work before it sets up.
Within an hour, it was a done deal and the truck was gone.  Now comes the finish work.  Matt stopped by for a look, but this crew worked on their own.  About that time, the building contractor stopped by to get the finish measurements and give me a final quote.  Unfortunately, I have to get the building permit.  Not a job I relish at all.  I'm taking friends with me for moral support!!!

Isn't it pretty??
I can't wait for it to dry enough to move the white shed to the far right of the concrete along with the dog kennel.  The hay will sit in front of that.  Even if the County gives me a hard time, or heaven forbid refuses my permit, I will have a great place to park the motorhome.  Electrical hookups will come later.  Buzzard's Roost RV park will soon be open for business!!!

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