Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Taking Her Home!!!

Having arrived safely in Lake Havasu and making it into the driveway (eeeeekkkk it's narrow!!!), I was able to relax and spend a couple days with Patty and Dan.  Except we didn't exactly relax, we spent every day running around getting organizational "stuff" for the motorhome.  Dan took this picture of me and my new home parked in his back yard.
While Patty and I went shopping, Dan (awesome guy that he is) set up my utility bay with sewer hose, soap in the dispenser, paper towels and most importantly, drilled a small hole for drainage at the bottom of the bay.  Worked perfect, because when we flushed the tank, water indeed filled the bottom and drained out.  Then he pulled up the plastic covering laid over the carpet to keep it clean while at the showroom AND plugged a space under the bed where my dogs might go and get in trouble.  Besides all that, he tirelessly explained the systems no matter how many times I asked!!!

With baskets, dividers, a new toaster oven and bathroom picture, I was ready to head back to California. To show you how great this couple is, Dan again road with me to the nearest Love's for diesel, while Patty followed in their jeep.  Last minute fueling instructions and exhaust brake directions, and I was off!!
Not exactly a relaxing ride (nerves), but I kept it at around 59mph.  After 45 minutes, I was actually able to find a radio station.  The radio and GPS are one in the same with so many buttons on the display I couldn't figure out how to work either.   A big snowstorm hit Tehachapi on Sunday, so I wasn't looking forward to driving through that area.  By today however, it was beautiful with dry roads.
I didn't even stop.  With half a tank of fuel left, I headed to Bakersfield.
Amazingly enough, I got 10.89 mpg!!!!!  I'm a happy camper!!!  Won't be that good when I pull a car behind, but guess that slower speed really helps.  After a panic attack at the fuel station ... the deff tank indicator turned red (#?&%?$#) and the alarms were going off, I naturally called Dan ... but in checking it out, discovered the alarm was from the headlights I didn't turn off (my bad) and the deff light turns red when you turn off the key.  Embarrassing .... but I now have a case of deff fluid in the bay!!!  LOL
Home at last, 9 hours later, I'm totally beat!  Tomorrow I will get her ship-shape!!!!

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  1. Congrats! I had no doubt that you could do it. Good times ahead......