Monday, March 26, 2012

Organizationally Challenged

Seems like one place I could use some help is organization.  I try, but there are so many more fun things to do!!  First off, since I am a San Francisco Giants Season Ticket holder, I just received 176 tickets to the games for this season.  Needless to say, they are VERY expensive, so I sell every game possible and go to just a few.  They come in sheets, which I have to tear apart and match up the two seats to each day.  Thus I discovered a printing error ... one sheet printed twice.  Next I create a spreadsheet, and going through each and every ticket, put down the date, time, price, team playing and giveaways available.  This list is then sent out to my list of buyers (thankfully I HAVE a list of buyers).  Usually within 3 weeks, most are sold.  USUALLY!!  However yesterday, I sat at the computer, trying to keep organized, and sold all but 5 games in three hours.  CRAZY!!  Then comes the hard part ... putting down names and amounts, getting tickets in envelopes and collecting money.  I had them spread out all over the floor.  Just hoping I was organized enough and everyone gets the right tickets!!!
Second challenge was the basement of the Phaeton RV.  It looks huge, but once you start loading it up, it isn't so big after all.  I looked everywhere for milk crates to put things in so I could be "organized", but so far have been unable to locate any.  Well ..... MY solution was laundry baskets!!  Lightweight, just the right size for me to move around, it holds all the loose stuff.  Luckily this handy slide-out underneath, makes everything accessible, as it pulls out either side.  Buckets for washing windows, a gas-station-type window brush and squeegee with extending handle, folding chairs, extra sewer hoses, extra water hoses, 30 amp electrical extension cord, 6 different adapters (don't ask), patio carpet and 2 x 6's.  You never know when you might need a good 2 x 6!!!!
Here's an interesting one ... notice the first BIG step for the back ladder?  Really???  People will try to crawl up on your RV so you don't make the ladder go to the bottom?
I did notice in Yuma that everyone, and I mean everyone with a big coach, had a regular step ladder.  When I returned, I discovered that there is no way to wash the coach or even get the front windshield clean of all those nasty bees, without a ladder.  And so you can see the top of mine here, as well as the Dirt Devil built-in vacuum system, the case of DEF fluid (see previous post! LOL), a fishing box with some tools, nuts and bolts stuff and my Makita Drill.  I know, "men" tools, but I actually have quite a few.  My best Christmas present ever was a Chop Saw!!!
Next purchase will be some tire/wheel covers.  I know they are to keep the sun off the tires, but I want to keep these beauties CLEAN!!!  Hmmm make note to buy wheel cleaner.
All loaded and locked up, I'm ready for the road!!!  Look out Chico ......  

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