Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adversity Makes you Stronger (I Hope)

Back at home after an uneventful drive in the predicted rain and 50 mph winds (which didn't happen, luckily for me!!) I have an RV badly in need of a wash.  This is a pretty daunting task.  I do have a very tall ladder, but I see sore muscles in my future.  Is there any easy way to do this???  Least I brought the rain with me so I get to put it off for one day.

I'm on my way to Home Depot for a "discussion" I'm not looking forward to.  I ordered laminate flooring for one of my houses.  I waited two weeks for the estimate, then two weeks for the delivery, then another two weeks for the delivery, only to be told that 10 of the delivered boxes of product were damaged and it will now be another four weeks!!!  Today I got their statement and they have charged me for the entire amount.  That did it for me ...

Is it a full moon or something?????  Still no EPA verification on the motorhome and now the local dog catcher is after me for Cooper's rabies shot.  They say it expired, the Vet says 2014.  YOU guys fight it out!!

On a good note ... if you have an REI (Recreational Equipment Inc) Visa card and you are an REI member, you get year end dividends that you can spend in their store.  I just received mine ... $262.  It's shopping time!!!!

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